Animazement 2015: part 4

I was lucky enough to be a part of a big Attack on Titan group. The flow of people taking our pictures seemed never ending!

If you see yourself or someone you know please let me know! I will tag you!


Today is mine and galaxyfour’s 2 year anniversary, and we’ve just got back from spending a few special days in Cardiff.  We did all the Doctor Who things which were lovely but somehow stumbling across the location shoot for a prequel to series 9 was definitely the highlight.  Petey C even came and said hello, he was totally unobligated to do so but he made sure everyone got a picture and an autograph, and I made some inhumane noises.   We’ve done so much over the last 2 years, and having someone to share all this with is the most incredible feeling.  I still find it ridiculous to think I found the most important part of my life on this silly website, and how unlikely it was that we even met in the first place. I’m constantly aware of how fortunate I’ve been in finding the only person I am completely compatible with. I’m going to stop before I get a nosebleed.