Wrath and Lust

This is part of Hiira’s awesome Grudger!Alsmiffy Verse headcanon.
To know more, go ask her!
My concept of their designs (With a bit of supervision from Hiira)
An overall drawing of what Grudger!Smiffy’s Parents, Wrath and Lust, look like. They aren’t usually naked no, this is simply an anatomical view of them for proper reference!

Smiff’s parents are…Well contrasts of each other in a way. Wrath is cold and calculative while Lust is more caring and charming.
While Wrath is the leader of the Grudgers and Mopes and inspires fear and respect in others by force, Lust is the adored Queen that exchanges sex for services. Their different manners of getting things done tend to clash ever so slightly but they always find a way to agree with one another and they will always be eager to help each other for their benefits.
If there’s something Wrath likes, is being in power and if there’s something Lust likes, it’s having sex with a powerful man.
Wrath is the largest Grudger and also the strongest, winning his battles with sheer brute force and senseless rage while Lust is more tactical and outwits and charms her enemies before striking the final blow.
She is also capable of turning people into Mopes, further enlarging the army her husband rules over.

When Alsmiffy ran off, Wrath deemed him a traitor while Lust grieved the loss of her son. Both want him back, for VERY different reasons.

introducing the new supervillain duo

( both are prompts from this generator ! ! 

"glossy pink hellhound. it is wet and dripping with algae. it robs banks and its partner in crime is the next fursona you generate"

"big pink chihuahua. it wears a neutral milk hotel t-shirt with red fishnets and nothing else. it wears a surgical mask" )


so is chieflachief the first to do Parks and Inquisition, because I really love this and I now have about 70 notes to myself on what to get my ass in gear on and actually draw. what’s most important: if we’re sticking with Ron Swanson = Blackwall, what’s on his pyramid of greatness?

ps vivienne and dorian can’t actually look happy here cause they’re total ~frenemies~ so u know, viv ready to light a bitch on fire


pregnancy/Baby kind off eremika for Ashley (eremikadefensesquad

Because she does so much for this beloved ship and her dedication is amazing  
I would call her the captain of the ship but then that’s Armin :p 


"…Dad usually just orders twenty meat lovers’ pizzas which they’re all okay with. Not sure why we don’t just pick that first, to be honest.

Which leaves me with nothing.


I was informed it was 479 week? I am all about this week! A doodle thing in between work //sobs (this is my face/head canon! she is Hawaiian/Hmong!)