introducing the new supervillain duo

( both are prompts from this generator ! ! 

“glossy pink hellhound. it is wet and dripping with algae. it robs banks and its partner in crime is the next fursona you generate”

“big pink chihuahua. it wears a neutral milk hotel t-shirt with red fishnets and nothing else. it wears a surgical mask" )


so is chieflachief the first to do Parks and Inquisition, because I really love this and I now have about 70 notes to myself on what to get my ass in gear on and actually draw. what’s most important: if we’re sticking with Ron Swanson = Blackwall, what’s on his pyramid of greatness?

ps vivienne and dorian can’t actually look happy here cause they’re total ~frenemies~ so u know, viv ready to light a bitch on fire


pregnancy/Baby kind off eremika for Ashley (eremikadefensesquad

Because she does so much for this beloved ship and her dedication is amazing  
I would call her the captain of the ship but then that’s Armin :p 

I was informed it was 479 week? I am all about this week! A doodle thing in between work //sobs (this is my face/head canon! she is Hawaiian/Hmong!)