Man Protected by the Shield of Faith - Maarten van Heemskerck (Netherlandish, 1498–1574)

Pen and brown ink, over traces of black chalk, on paper; indented for transfer
(36.4 x 25.9 cm)
Purchase, Jessie H. Price and Guy Wildenstein Gifts, Fletcher Fund, and Gift of Dr. Mortimer Sackler, Theresa Sackler and Family, 2000 (2000.150)

The present allegorical drawing was created after the artist’s return to the Netherlands. It depicts Satan sitting on a rug decorated with the Seven Vices, and hurling burning arrows from atop a globe at a praying man. The personification of faith, a woman holding a cross and a Bible, protects the man by holding a shield above his head.


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Sin city never sleeps...

Across the globe, seven cities are controlled by seven vices, who each spread their own brand of corruption to their citizens. Seven other cities are presided over by seven virtues, and these virtues are getting a little tired of all that corruption. Since the two greatest authority figures available are MIA and those vices have gotten comfortable, there’s no better time to start purging out all the corruption.

The existence of nonhumans has been forcibly made public. Reactions from all species have varied wildly, and the world is changing steadily every day - for better or for worse.

The only thing worse than assuming you’re alone is assuming you’re safe.

                                       ...As above, so below.

This is a roleplay group for original characters set in a present-day alternate universe. Beings preside over a total of 14 cities, and many are scattered elsewhere throughout the world (and afterlife).

We operate in both IC blogging and paragraph-style formats, doing each as needed. Group mechanics and activity requirements are very relaxed, as most of our current members have work and/or school in addition to other RP blogs. OOC communication is heavily encouraged. This is not a closed group - Interaction with other RPers is allowed, but if you would like for your blog to be closed to outside interaction, that’s okay too!

Original characters of all different kinds are accepted, and already-existing blogs are more than welcome to join us. Check out our info pages and feel free to send asks if you have any questions. 
We are especially looking for non-white characters to preside over cities, or any angels at all.


Last week Vice Media announced they would premiere seven new Vice News channels in local languages. The new territories include Germany, Brazil, Australia, France, Spain, Italy and Mexico. Today, Vice News debuted its first new channel in French, by welcoming new site visitors via Twitter:

VICE News vient d’être lancé en français. Bienvenue à tous :

— VICE News FR (@vicenewsFR)

October 20, 2014

The first few videos in French aren’t solely for Vice’s French audience. Don’t forget there are approximately 29 French-speaking countries in Africa, where the Ebola crisis is still very much at the forefront.