140916 Seungri’s Thai friends updated Instagram with his photos and support messages

condominium: get well soon bro, get recover faster than the speed of light and see you soon ! @seungriseyo #throwback

kongkaroon: Hope u get well soon Uncle @seungriseyo from baby Kye. 💪👶💪. Sending love n supporting u from all of ur friends here in BKK bro!✌️✌️✌️ #kyesoso #getwellsoon #bratha


how have I not seen this before.

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What would TOP/Seungri/Daesung do if mid date you were in pain because you wore uncomfortable shoes out (against his advice) but then also had too much pride to admit your discomfort when they asked if you were okay. PS. I love love love the new theme you guys have going on :D

TOP would point out your discomfort right away and ask if you need to rest or sit somewhere. Of course, you’ll deny it and try to continue but at this point he’ll grab hold of your arm and slip off his own shoes. When you ask what he’s doing, he won’t respond as he places his own shoes in front of your feet and begin helping you out of yours. “Wear mine the rest of the way,” he’d say cooly but firmly, not taking no for an answer. He’ll reason with you that there’s no point in continuing in your shoes as it’ll ruin your fun for the night. He’ll assure you that he doesn’t care walking without his shoes for a bit and maybe even joke that he’ll just wear yours. But if you’re really worried, he’ll tell you that the first store you pass by the has shoes, he’ll buy you news ones. But for now to just wear his.

Seungri would shake his head and let out an exaggerated sigh before walking in front of you and bending forward. You’ll ask what he’s doing and he’ll respond to get on his back. When you say no, he’ll tease you by saying “Come on, we all know that’s what you’ve been wanting. That’s why you wore uncomfortable shoes even when I told you not to!” With more bickering back and forth, the comfort of his back is what convinces you to listen to him and let him carry you the rest of the way. While walking, you can tell his mood is a lot happier and that it wasn’t just you who looked at it as a blessing rather than a curse. He’ll probably teasingly nag you a bit more and say something along the lines “See? Bad things happen when you don’t listen to me. I’m always right.”

Daesung would immediately tell you to get on his back and won’t move a muscle until you did. He’ll tell you that it’s fine and he can carry you the rest of the way and say it’ll be much faster this way too. Once you get on his back and he’s carrying you, he’ll ask how your feet are and if they hurt anymore. Regardless of your answer he’ll suggest soaking them in hot water tonight and offer to give you a “Daesung special massage” that will make your feet feel brand new. He may throw in there that he did warn you about wearing them, but won’t mention it any further as you two happily go about your date.

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condominium: get well soon bro, get recover faster than the speed of light and see you soon ! @seungriseyo #throwback

kongkaroon: Hope u get well soon Uncle @seungriseyo from baby Kye. 💪👶💪. Sending love n supporting u from all of ur friends here in BKK bro!✌️✌️✌️ #kyesoso #getwellsoon #bratha

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Which guy (next to Top ^^- i assume he'd be on top)) would be more-least pleased to be in a very loose relationship, where the girl doesn't require from him all his attention, living with him or every day hugs and kisses because she's very independent and they just meet up when they want to? Thank you very much! Love the new layout!!

1- Most pleased/okay with a very loose relations to 5- Least

  1. TOP
  2. Seungri
  3. Taeyang
  4. Daesung
  5. G-Dragon

I think Taeyang and Daesung could switch potentially, but at the moment, this is the list I see in my mind :) As you suggested, I think TOP would be the most okay with type of relationship since he’s very independent and work driven at the moment. I put Seungri second because I think although he’d love to hang out with his girl, spend as much time with her as possible, he’d also be perfectly fine with have alone time as well. As I said earlier, I think Taeyang and Daesung could be switched, but I see them as both wanting to spend as much time with their girl as possible and will pout a bit if they can’t see her for an extended period of time. Finally I put GD last, not because I think he’d self-combust if he wasn’t with his girl, but that if he had the choice, he’d want to spend every minute with her. But because he has responsibilities in other areas, he puts that first.

And thank you!! :D Glad you’re enjoying the blog ^^

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hearing about all these haters saying negative shit about Seungri and all i can think about is what he once said himself - “i welcome anti-fans because they are fans too.” lol

honestly i hope if Seungri comes across any of those dumb comments he remembers his own words n just sits there like “hehe look at all these people talking about me. i’m so popularrr~~” *v*

in all seriousness though - its his health that’s most important. screw all the idiots wasting time spewing their misinformed nonsensical opinions