So i have been to the promotional Marina and the Diamonds FROOT concert (I think it was promotional, because Marina announced her official tour which will be starting autumn 2015) and all I can say is that this woman is phenomenal. Not only her stunning appearance but her performance are so delicate. Her body holds a breathtaking voice, even though she never loses hers. Furthermore she served us previous tracks, too, so that the crowd would party up and jump to “How to be a Heartbreaker” and “Radioactive” as it used to during her “Lonely Hearts Club Tour” back in 2012/3.

The only thing I encountered as not so pleasant (which was NOT the fault of Madame Diamandis) was that some people in the crowd have been very rude.
I am aware it was not a personal concert for me, even though i wish it had been, and as a loyal “Diamond” i like to share the music with other “Diamonds”, but pulling me back and rudely put me behind someone who also could have been a NBA basketball player is unacceptable. Also there were so many gay people, which tend to give you the “stinky eye” as my friend likes to call it.
So all in all Marina was excellent, but i found out that other “Diamonds” are not automatically friends just because we all like our music frooty.