The small photo at the bottom on the left is from a Channel 2 News report about the attack on leftist activists and Palestinians last Friday by settlers. The Channel 2 report said: “The settlers, on the other hand, displayed bats with stickers of the leftist organization Taayush.” What actually happened in that the leftist activists escorted Palestinian farmers who are constantly harassed and attacked by settlers when they attempt to work in their fields. The activists brought hoes to help the Palestinian farmers work their fields, as pictured above.


Settlers hurl Molotov cocktails at Palestinian Family.

HEBRON (Ma'an) – Five Palestinians were seriously injured on Thursday after Israeli settlers threw Molotov cocktails at their car south of Bethlehem, medics said.

The injured were all from the Hassan family, and included four-year-olds Iman and Muhammad, their parents Ayman, 37, and Jamila, 25, and Hassan Hassan who was driving, Red Crescent official Abdul Jaafra told Ma'an. 

Both children suffered first degree burns, and the adults suffered second and third degree burns, Jaafra said.

I respect these people so much. They worked so hard to settle our land here. The craftsmanship of the houses and barns that they built was so high quality some of their precious homes still stand today. <3

 (As someone who is part native american wish that they had been more intelligent about the way they treated the natives but …they were not. sadly we must also remember this part to the story of our country, in our world today, and have the upmost understanding and respect for ALL people . We all live on ONE PLANET. We are ALL EQUAL)

“It is obvious that Jewish extremists did this, despite the internal divisions we have, no one here would dare harm the mosque,“ one of the residents said.

Israeli Arabs clash with police after apparent ‘price tag’ attack on mosque (Haaretz)

always extremists and never 'terrorists’ when they’re Jewish, right, Haaretz? also, saying “no-one here would dare harm the mosque” is pretty hollow when settlers just did. if this were a reversed situation, I could imagine it being world news right now.