The small photo at the bottom on the left is from a Channel 2 News report about the attack on leftist activists and Palestinians last Friday by settlers. The Channel 2 report said: “The settlers, on the other hand, displayed bats with stickers of the leftist organization Taayush.” What actually happened in that the leftist activists escorted Palestinian farmers who are constantly harassed and attacked by settlers when they attempt to work in their fields. The activists brought hoes to help the Palestinian farmers work their fields, as pictured above.

I respect these people so much. They worked so hard to settle our land here. The craftsmanship of the houses and barns that they built was so high quality some of their precious homes still stand today. <3

 (As someone who is part native american wish that they had been more intelligent about the way they treated the natives but …they were not. sadly we must also remember this part to the story of our country, in our world today, and have the upmost understanding and respect for ALL people . We all live on ONE PLANET. We are ALL EQUAL)

Sheikh Jarrah in need of more international presence (ISM)

In the early hours of September 12th, local illegal settlers in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, torched and destroyed a protest tent frequented and inhabited by locals and international volunteers and observers in the midst of increased Israeli settler violence and aggression.

The tent sat between an extension of the Palestinian-owned building, half of which is now illegally occupied by Israeli settlers, while the rest of the building is still inhabited by the Palestinian Al-Kurd family. All that remains of the protest tent after the recent attack are books, sheets, mattresses and tent components that are completely singed by fire.

The tent was erected to accommodate international activists on a nightly basis as they observed and documented the behavior of the illegal settlers, while symbolically standing against the normalization of illegal settlers against Palestinian locals.

this really really really fucking sucks. an international presence in Sheikh Jarrah is one of the few things that stopped the settlers acting as violent as they clearly wanted to be.

this makes me really sad :(