Archaeologists study the village of Scandinavian settlers in Suchań


Archaeologists from the University of Warsaw and the National Museum in Szczecin began the second season of excavations in Suchań, Western Pomerania. This is the place where settlers from Bornholm arrived 1500 years ago.

Excavations covered the central part of the settlement, in the region of the strongest anomalies geophysical surveys had shown. Therefore, archaeologists hope for discoveries in the form of ancient architecture - half-dugouts.

The site was found accidentally in 2006. The discoverer saw treasure on the surface in the form of bracteates - thin, single-sided coins, metal pendants and a ring. Read more.

Iron Age settlement unearthed at Swindon building site


A small Iron Age settlement has been found during excavations at the site of a new housing development near Swindon.

A number of “round houses” with hundreds of pits for storage are among the discoveries at Ridgeway Farm, where Taylor Wimpey is building 700 homes.

Other items found include loom weights for weaving, quern stones for grinding corn and various personal items.

Andrew Manning from Wessex Archaeology, which is carrying out the work, said the find was of local significance. Read more.

Ancient settlement found in Kazakhstan


Archaeologists have discovered an ancient settlement on the bank of the Ishim River in Akmola oblast, Tengrinews reports citing the Oblast Department of Culture.

The settlement of Kursk is located on the right bank and covers the area of 45 thousand square meters. It dates back to the Middle Ages.

The archeological expedition was held by the Center for Preservation and Use of Historical and Cultural Heritage under the aegis of the Akmola Oblast Department of Culture. They were making archaeological exploration works in the north-eastern and south-eastern parts of Yesil District in Akmola Oblast when they found the ancient settlement and a total of 45 items of archaeological significance. All the items were taken to the archeological museum of Akmola Oblast for further study. Read more.


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Colonization underway in Hebron, Palestine

Hebron is located in the A zone, legally under Palestinian authority but where Israeli settlers take on more and more homes. Note: it is interesting how in English the word “settlement” is used and not the world “colony” that would really seem far more appropriate.

1- Barbed wires barely protecting Palestinians streets from stuff thrown out by settlers (garbage, rotten eggs, rocks, bottles etc.). Throwing stones is apparently not reserved to Palestinian children.

2- Overall atmosphere

3- From a Palestinian roof whose house is surrounded by settlers. We saw this group of very young settlers throwing sand on Palestinian streets from Orangina cans filled with it. It was very sad looking at how childish and even cute they looked, but already at war. I actually felt pain for them. I really hate their parents. They were so welcoming to us, smiling and dancing, forgetting about throwing sand at people’s face for a while - even though we were on a Palestinian roof (my face is apparently typical of a settler and they might have thought that “we” had taken over this new house). The Palestinian owner is under constant pressure to leave his own house. I asked him the typical passport-owner, rich-people, not-under-attack-lucky-girl question “why don’t you just leave” and his answer was “would you leave your house? If they shoot, they shoot”.

4- Settlers shoot Palestinian water reserves to empty them. 

5- And still, in Palestinian streets, life goes on. We heard at the synagogue the man at the entrance advising a tourist no to go in the Palestinian area because it is “not safe” due to the “arabs”, the “terrorists” constantly stabbing anybody like crazy. We spent the whole day in the Palestinian area, and people were really welcoming. I might have lost my senses but I actually felt that the greatest danger was to receive a rock or some acid thrown by an Israeli settler. And I really did not feel like having lunch on the settler’s side and giving them even one cent.

For those interested, I have a lot of videos on everyday violent scenes in Hebron: a little girl receiving glass under her eye from a bottle sent by a settler, violence by the Army, etc.