dear writers who struggle with settings:

i found a rlly cool website that may help you bring your settings to life

it’s called homestyler and it lets you design a home, inside and out, with customizable furnishings and coloration, down to tiny details in the decor.

you can use both 2D and 3D views to create your floor plans and adjust the placement of everything, and you can create multiple layers if your house has more than one floor

it’s totally free, you can save as many projects as you want, and it even creates high-res photos and panoramas for you so it feels like you’re really in the house

there are a few drawbacks, such as:

  • you can’t color the same wall a different color on each side; the color you pick for each wall applies to both sides of it.
  • it’s VERY touchy. sometimes it registers movement when you didn’t do anything, sometimes it refuses to register movement even tho youre flailing your mouse wildly. it’s often hard to select the right thing.
  • LOCK THE PLACEMENT OF YOUR ROOMS. if you don’t, the slightest twitch of your mouse could send them into a blender.
  • the “undo” stack only stores your last three actions, so in case of accidental bullshit, save often.

bUT YEAH if you have trouble maintaining a steady idea of the layout of your house, the coloration of things and placement of everything, just trouble in general bringing your setting to life, it could be really helpful to have this tool that allows you to build your settings!!

A Guide to Writing Catholic Schools 

Here is a little guide on using a Catholic school as a setting or some things to consider when writing a character who has attended Catholic school. I have gone to Catholic grade school for 5 years and am currently a freshman in a Catholic high school. Of course, everyone’s experience in school is different and I am in no means representing everyone who has ever attended Catholic school, but these are some things I have observed or learned through research

I hope this is helpful! Full guide below the cut.

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My Favorite Tumblr App Promos:

  • "Ignore your loved ones with the Tumblr app."
  • "Bored? That’s dumb. Download a Tumblr app."
  • "Pretend you’re reading with the Tumblr app."
  • "One weird click to download a Tumblr app."
  • "Use Tumblr in bathrooms with our slick mobile app."
  • "Go ahead. Touch Tumblr."
  • "No one should have to go through life without a Tumblr app."
  • "For relaxing times, make it Tumblr time."
  • "Put Tumblr in your pocket rn. lol swag."

I made a map showing where all the Nancy Drew games (excepting Secret of the Old Clock, since I couldn’t find any concrete info on its setting) take place!

  1. Secrets can Kill - Paseo del Mar (fictional town), Florida
  2. Stay Tuned for Danger - New York City, New York
  3. Message in a Haunted Mansion - San Francisco, California
  4. Treasure in the Royal Tower - Butter Ridge (fictional), Wisconsin
  5. The Final Scene - St. Louis, Missouri
  6. Secret of the Scarlet Hand - Washington, DC
  7. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake - Moon Lake (fictional), Pennsylvania
  8. The Haunted Carousel - Captain’s Cove (fictional), New Jersey
  9. Danger on Deception Island - Snake Horse Harbour (fictional), Deception Island (also fictional) San Juan Islands, Washington
  10. Secret of Shadow Ranch - somewhere outside of Phoenix, Arizona
  11. Curse of Blackmoor Manor - Essex, England
  12. Secret of the Old Clock - fictional town of Titusville; didn’t include since I couldn’t find any info on its location (though it might be in Illinois)
  13. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon - from Chicago, Illinois to Brimstone Canyon, Nevada, with a stop in Copper Gorge, Colorado
  14. Danger by Design - Paris, France
  15. Creature of Kapu Cave - the Big Island, Hawaii
  16. White Wolf of Icicle Creek - Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada
  17. Legend of the Crystal Skull - New Orleans, Louisiana
  18. The Phantom of Venice - Venice, Italy
  19. The Haunting of Castle Malloy - somewhere in Ireland
  20. Ransom of the Seven Ships - Dread Isle (fictional), the Bahamas
  21. Warnings at Waverly Academy - somewhere in upstate New York
  22. Trail of the Twister - somewhere in Oklahoma
  23. Shadow at the Water’s Edge - Kyoto, Japan
  24. The Captive Curse - Bavaria, Germany
  25. Alibi in Ashes - River Heights (fictional), in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois
  26. Tomb of the Lost Queen - outside Cairo, Egypt
  27. The Deadly Device - somewhere in Colorado
  28. Ghost of Thornton Hall - coastal Georgia
  29. The Silent Spy - Glasgow, Scotland
  30. The Shattered Medallion - New Zealand
Beautiful settings for your rp and plot ideas for them

Most of the roleplays I have dealt with in the past are set in the U.S. or in London. There are a few exceptions of course but I think that we tend to forget that the world is so big and offers so many different places which are just underused in our rp community. Under the cut, I will give you some examples of places that you could use for your rp and plots that come to my mind when I think of them but this should only be a thought-provoking impulse! 

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