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The end of the month is here so it’s time to bring you all up to date with the movies I purchased. I hope you enjoy my little Texas Chainsaw Massacre inspired introduction.

omfg im so sick of this house the living room is right next to my room and the tv is right up against the wall my bed is up against and ppl are constantly watching family guy/american dad/the clevelend show on it and now matter how low volume it is i can still hear it very clearly im slowly descending into fucking hell with goddamn seth mcfarlane productions playing in the background

Family Guy / Simpson crossover

I should of known it was going to be crap when I realized it was listed as a family guy episode and not a Simpsons one.

It was basically Seth McFarlane got to use the cast of the Simpsons for a day and decided to run a muck. From crapping all over the character development the Simpson family has had over the years, to adding in nothing but McFarlane humor. (Cut away gags, rape jokes, jabbing at shows that he didn’t make etc)

But I think the part that really got me the most upset was the complete disregard for life. In the Simpsons you never see a character die unless in a treehouse of horror. (Mama Simpson, Maude, and Krusty’s dad being the exception. And each death was followed by sympathy.) but in this the entire last portion of the episode was yet another chicken fight, only between homer and peter instead. We see Otto, Sherri and Terri, and Ralph all get treated as if they were in a treehouse episode. Plus several more children getting plowed over. That’s something that the Simpsons just doesn’t do. (Not to mention the animation of the school bus was completely in family guy’s style. We aren’t in quahog. Let’s remember that guys.)

I guess why I’m upset is that this could of been a really great episode, if both parties tried to work together. But after seeing McFarlane try to use every damn Simpsons character (and having peter say that he speaks for everyone when he says the Simpsons suck) he just took the opportunity to once again say f -u to everyone who isn’t me and go about his parade of “I am the best ever.” Oh, did I mention he even jabbed at bob’s burgers? Yeah. Tbh Bob’s is so much more enjoyable in my opinion.

I used to like family guy. The earlier episodes at least. Before Brian became mcfarlane’s soap box and the arrogance went through the roof. And I still do enjoy american dad. But after today, I really have a reason to not watch family guy anymore.

You may be done with the Simpsons, but I’m not.

anonymous said:

Seth McFarlane has nothing to do with the Simpsons. . He created family guy...

I assume you’re referring to my tweet to Seth McFarlane, and I assume you aren’t aware of what’s actually happened. The hashtag in my tweet ‘#TheSimpsonsGuy’ is referring to a Simpsons-Family Guy crossover episode that aired the other night. In the episode, Stewie prank calls Moe’s Tavern, and his prank is a rape ‘joke’. As much as the airing of that joke is also indeed Fox Entertainment and Matt Groening’s issue, Seth McFarlane is the person I look to on the subject as he is the creator of Stewie, he is the creator of Family Guy, he is the creator and the ‘okay, air it’ voice behind the dozens of jokes about pedophillia, rape and violence against women in his foul and distasteful creation that is Family Guy. As much as hundreds will roll their eyes and say ‘oh, it’s just a cartoon, the riskiness of the jokes are what makes it funny’ - the series is most popular among young men, who by these ‘harmless’ jokes, are being numbed toward the mindset that rape is an outrage; They are instead being slowly but surely told that it is a laughing matter, that it’s okay to joke about it, therefore dulling down the real and very much alive issue that is rape. 
And what does Seth McFarlane have to say on the matter? ‘No comment.’ 

Cartoon Crossovers

Since the Simpsons met Family Guy last night, no one has been able to talk about anything else. But it’s not like this is earth-shattering stuff - the cartoon crossover has been happening for decades. Just remember some of these classics (well, classics for us).

• Hercules meets Aladdin. Hades didn’t have a chance against Aladdin, sending only Pain and Panic, while Jafar couldn’t hold a candle to Hercules. These two may have thought they could pit these heroes against one another, but good always triumphs over evil.

• Transformers meet G.I. Joe. Cobra found the buried Ark with the Transformers inside, turning them into war machines. Fortunately, they’re able to break free of his control, but that’s when things really get crazy. This crossover happened a few times.

• Lilo and Stitch meet Kim Possible. Stitch is kidnapped by Dr. Drakken, so Pleakley gets Kim Possible to help rescue him. She and Lilo both want the other to get out of the way, while Jumba thinks Rufus is a dangerous experiment that escaped.

• Rugrats meet The Wild Thornberrys. Who knew Tommy was so crazy about Nigel Thornberry? Or that Angelica and Debbie would hit it off so well? These families all work together to save the day, but we know that it’s always the kids who earn most of the credit.

• Futurama meets Adventure Time. This crossover didn’t get too much coverage considering everything else, so you may not have heard about it. Bender meets Jake and Finn in 3013, in Mom’s flying castle, where Mom conducts genetic experiments. 

AMAZING: I didn't realize my ex was an N until I got these crazy emails
I didn’t realize my ex was an N until I got these crazy emails

Using a throwaway for safety/privacy reasons. I’ve had a lot of good chats here and offline about the tactics Ns use to unbalance a person and wanted to share emails I got from my N-ex. It wasn’t until these emails that I realized my ex was 1) a narcissist and 2) cray-cray.

This guy pursued me a lot but always dropped me whenever we got too close. It was a miserable relationship. Finally, I got sick of his antics and ended things. Because we went to the same school and shared friends, we stayed in touch online.

The thing about my ex was he thought he was destined for greatness. He thought his writing was Pulitzer worthy, or at least going to make him the next Seth McFarlane. That should have been my first clue that I was dealing with an N.

In reality, his writing was crap and an excuse for him to make fun of people or write terrible jokes — about rape, homosexuality, forced sterilization, ect. He even said that bullied kids who commit suicide are weak and do it for the attention. Real charmer. Even his close friends were distancing themselves from him.

I made a mistake and left a comment on his blog saying his writing was garbage and I was appalled he’d talk so crassly about his ex (he publicly wrote about having unprotected sex with her or as he put it, “barebacking an Asian chick”). Everyone knew who he was talking about.

He responded with a series of messages:


Obviously, the concept of writing from a persona is lost on you. I like you, I really do, but your proclivity for being the grandmarshall of your own I’m-so-great-parade has become a bit… grating, as of late… as is your singular inability to read comedic sarcasm which you instead attack from your lofty high horse of santimonious morality. If you can’t tell, 90% of what I write on here is a joke, or is intended to illicit a specific response. Most every other reader understands this and responds in kind. You, however, have the unique habit of reading everything as a deep, profound insight into my soul which- spoiler alert- it isn’t.

I think it’s for the best if you don’t read my blog any more, or the site I’m migrating it to. In the future if/when you feel the need, and you understand that what I’m writing is an impersonal attempt at entertainment and is not a reflection of my own feelings, I’ll welcome your readership.

But until then, adieu

And a follow up comment:

…and also: you kinda make an ass out of yourself with these sorts of posts. You’re a brilliant and funny girl, nthreadthrowaway, but you need to loosen up a bit and understand that not everything is a chance for you to show the world how smart, deep and profound you might think you are. Sometimes things are said or written to be enjoyed on a more casual level.

Reflect upon this.

He deleted my comments and hid his so no one would see my criticism or his replies. That was the thing about him: he always wanted people to think he was a great guy and would go to great lengths to hide his meanness. In group settings, he was super charming. And he was hyper critical but couldn’t take criticism himself.

When I got his comments, I thought, “Wow what a creep, good riddance!”

Then I deleted his messages and continued with my day.

Apparently Ns don’t like being ignored. A few days later, I got an email. He’d put a lot of thought into it. See if you can spot all the N tactics in it:


I’m not sure if the comments posted on my blog in response to yours made it to your inbox or not, but I thought I’d clarify my position a bit. If you take the time to read this email, I think you’ll find it helpful and useful- albeit a little difficult to take at times. In fairness, you called my writing “garbage” and so the least you can do is attempt to read through this.

First: I really do genuinely like you, nthreadthrowaway. I think you’re a very bright girl with a sharp intellect and a fair wit about you. Unfortunately, I think you try way too hard to remind everyone about these facts at every possible turn and this- ultimately- turns people away from you.

As I mentioned in the comments, I have shifted my writing style on my blog from narcissistic self-updates to detached comedy written from an ersatz persona. This isn’t new, by any means, and began sometime in 2004/5. I very rarely post anything of consequence on my blog and when I do it’s in a restricted post. I am now using it as a sounding board for an “official” blog I’m launching this fall. Once that site launches, the venerable [NAME OF BLOG] will be no more.

To this end, I have removed all personal references to me and my friends from my (recent) entries. When I made the comment about barebacking an Asian chick I was, as you rightly assumed, referring to [EX-GIRLFRIEND]… however I was not crass enough to make mention to her as explicitly as you did. Readers of my blog would assume this reference was hyperbole for the sake of comedy and would have dismissed it at that. You calling attention to it and her (as someone I “deeply cared for”) made it a bit too real and easily identified which is why I screened it. On top of which, the choice in contraception was hers more than mine which you didn’t bother to think about so… piss off. Which brings me to the next point…

Get. Over. Yourself. You are a smart and sharp girl, as I’ve said, but you are also an intellectual and social chameleon without peer. You adopt ideas, jokes, theories, speech patterns, mannerisms and delivery from your friends and try to pass them off as your own. You’ve been imitating [CLASSMATE’S] weary/exasperated speech pattern since your Junior year of college, and I have witnessed you repeatedly taken ideas/arguments of others (such as myself) and tried to volunteer them as your own at later points. As I insinuated in the first point of this email, I feel this is part of your desire to call everyone’s attention to how profound and intellectual you are. Unfortunately, it serves the exact opposite purpose and has lead many people to dismiss you in the past.

Your forced, stilted, and sanctimonious commentary on my posts coupled with your parasitic intellect make me wonder what you’re angling at these days. I had a few readers of my blog email me about your comments to ask what your problem was, and I parried them off by saying it was all a misunderstanding. I’m honestly more than a little hurt that you would brand me “homophobic” and an “objectifier or Asian women” to say nothing of your inference that I would promote rape (you also completely misunderstood that analogy read it again and you’ll see there is absolutely nothing about rape in that post).

Honestly nthreadthrowaway, thinking back on those accusations, I withdraw the conciliatory tone of this email. Unless there’s an apology on your end which would be met by one on mine for the tone in this email… all I can say is fuck you.

(and that’s a J.D. Salinger reference, if you want to pass if off as your own later on.)

N symptoms I can count in his messages:

  • twisting the truth
  • paranoia - criticism means I’m “out to get him”
  • HUGE overreaction
  • believing I steal all his (shitty) ideas
  • refusing to take responsibility for his actions
  • totally revising history
  • offering backhanded compliments
  • stunning arrogance. He thinks he’s brilliant and I’m reasonably clever (although apparently I steal all my ideas from him)
  • pretending to offer an apology with one hand and then backhanding me with the other

I ignored this email too. This was 4 years ago. I thought of it recently because my ex has recently begun trying to contact me again acting as if we’re best of friends, but I blocked him everywhere and will never respond. My life’s too good now to let that particular wolf back in the door.

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So I filmed a friend giving a presentation and put it together in iMovie (don’t judge me, my adobe package was for web and design only and the creative cloud version of the program is an absolute piece of shit)

and she was doing a review of a Seth Mcfarlane movie (she was ripping the shit out of it of course) but omg it meant I had to scrub through multiple trailer for this movie over and over again and look at his stupid face for like an hour while I edited out the bits we needed.

Someone bleach my entire existence for me.

raptorific replied to your post:this is the fucking worst

I also resent the idea that Bob’s Burgers would crash and burn without the Simpsons and Family Guy because the cleveland show failed. Cleveland failed because it was slapdash blackface. Other animated shows would FLOURISH in the absence of these two.

You know, I actually don’t mind the Simpsons, but all of the Seth McFarlane shows need to gtfo.