Frozen What if? - Helsa

Hans is a prisoner in the dungeons of Arendelle. The day of the execution, queen Elsa begins to remember all that she would like to forget, especially the nights spent in the thick and cold walls of the prison where the prince Hans is still confined for his crime of high treason.
Elsa isn’t able to pronounce the death sentence. She can’t do it. The words are stuck on her trembling lips. Anna doesn’t understand, but Hans knows the truth better than anyone else.
When the queen Elsa enters in his cell with slow, measured steps, Hans lifts his gaze and he stares at her beautiful face for a long, silent instant. His eyes seem to say: “You loved me at once, you may once did.”

anonymous said:

hiii can u tell me what psd or coloring u used in that setgif that you made thats originally from itsfivesos ???

I’m really sorry i actually didn’t save it, but i usually just play around with the curves, vibrance, and brightness until i find something that looks good. The gif was really pale and light to start off with so the curves looked something like this


I usually keep the vibrance rather low, not really moving the saturation bar at all if any. then the brightness is usually set like this for any psd i do


sorry if this doesn’t really help i should start saving my psds i apologize

anonymous said:

Yes please do a setgif of Min ocean pleaseplease, Changminnie needs more love <3

awww i will this weekend probably! Tell me who you are tho anonn /glomps 

anonymous said:

hi, are u planning to do a setgif of Changmin in Ocean video like the one u do of Yunho? ToT

hey there anon n_n

I wasn’t planning on doing that but do you want me to? I could ^^