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Do you think Kimi ni todoke will end soon ?

I think we are definitely heading towards the end but I think some people underestimate Shiina, haha. I think the series is going to end at graduation but then we’ll see a timeskip of them in college and then an epilogue set a few years later (we’ll also get at least one spin-off one-shot as well). In terms of the time in the KnT world we are in July. Here’s a list of the latest chapters and the months they were set in:

  • Chapter 76 - Dec 31st - New Year/ Sawako’s Birthday
  • Chapter 77 - Jan 1st - New Year’s Day
  • Chapter 78 to 80 - Jan?
  • Chapter 81 - Feb
  • Chapter 82 to 83 - Feb 14th - Valentine’s Day
  • Chapter 84 - March 14th - White Day - Also, Ayane’s (March 3rd) and Kento’s (Feb 6th) birthdays get mentioned


  • Chapter 85 - April - Start of 3rd School Year and May 15th - Shota’s Birthday
  • Chapter 86 to 87 - May
  • Chapter 88 - June 1st - Chizu’s Birthday
  • Chapter 89 to 90 - June
  • Chapter 91 - June or July
  • Chapter 92 to 96 - July

Here’s a list of what we haven’t seen yet:

  • Cultural Festival
  • Pin’s Birthday (If it gets mentioned)
  • Summer Vacation
  • Sawako and Kurumi’s Training Camp/Sleepover(mentioned in ch91 and ch96)
  • The Hokkaido Tournament (baseball, mentioned in ch91)
  • Summer Exams (mentioned in ch96)
  • 2nd Term from September->December
  • Christmas/New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day
  • 3rd Term from January->March
  • Valentines Day/White Day
  • Graduation
  • Everyone else’s birthdays (throughout the year)
  • Timeskip/Epilogue

There’s still loads of things we haven’t seen yet. It’s possible that Shiina will skip some of these events but the ones that have been foreshadowed, we will definitely see. Considering we only get 1 new chapter a month, I definitely can’t see it ending this year (especially if there’s another one month hiatus). So I don’t think it’s going to end that “soon” but we are nearing the end of the series.