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On February 5th I saw Set It Off and Crown The Empire live in London, I’ve seen crown the empire like before but as a support act and I wanted to see how they were as a headline. They blew my mind.

After the show I decided to stand outside the venue for a while, I didn’t think I’d meet anyone but the second I stepped outside I came across Cody Carson! (Lead for set it off) so I spoke to him for a few minutes, I was nervous and ended up laughing at him which made him nervous so we both laughed at one another which was just funny. He was so lovely and I can’t wait to see set of off again, they’re so good!

After meeting cody I waited round the back for a bit with my friend, I didn’t expect anyone to come out. Two girls came out with a guy, they were pulling him and they hid him, then all of a sudden Andy Leo popped out of the hooded creature and mad everyone waiting go ‘ooooh’ in amazement, it was pretty funny. Andy was so chill, I never imagined him being that way, I always thought he came across a shy but I was speaking to him for ages, in fact I almost missed my train home.

I waited for brent to come out to and I spoke to him for a moment, he was so adorable and really nice. Sadly, I couldn’t wait around long enough due to a two hour train journey home, but it was a really good night. I made some new friends as well as meeting some of my idols.


I Fucking Love This Song So Much! ♡♡♡♡♡


Set It Off - Partners In Crime -Ft Ash Costello- {Lyrics} by Leda M

Of Mice and Men ~ You’re Not Alone


New Cover: Against The Current & Set It Off - “Uptown Funk”