Set it Off (PSA)

Hey guys so I’ve noticed a lot of stuff on insta where people are asking the guys intrusive questions about Austin and keep bringing it up on their pages and the band page. I’ve heard the same is happening on Twitter and I can’t imagine what Cody, Maxx, and the band’s tumblr inboxes look like right now. Please try not to do that, they have dealt with so much and it’s disrespectful to them to badger them about everything. When they feel it’s the right time they’ll say something, if they decide not to though, that’s their right. That being said, they need all the support they can get so instead of interrogating them, try sending support or meet n greet stories or how they’ve inspired or helped you! Just be aware of their feelings please! I know we all love the boys so let’s try to show it more. Also setitofffamily had the great idea to start trending #WeSupportSIO on all social media! There are also Twitter, tumblr, and insta accounts with that name if you want to take part I that too! Thanks guys!

Off The Record: SpotALie

by Zack Zarrillo

On this week’s episode of Off The Record, Jesse and I have a major conversation on Sony and Spotify’s leaked contract, Rise selling, and a large debriefing regarding the importance of keeping our scene safe and progressive at a time where that seems hopeless.

Please take a listen if you’re interested and make sure to check out the Off The Record website for show notes on the episode and for more information on how to keep up to date with us. The new episode can be heard below!

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We have started receive hate mail for how we handled this weeks events. 

We are sorry for anyone we may have upset this past week during this ordeal. We did not mean for our blog to be an “advertisement” or a “main source” linked to the allegations against Austin. We simply were trying to keep the family informed and safe. We were doing our best with the hundreds of asks we receives and trying to read all of your comments we could while being completely neutral and supportive to everyone throughout this.

If you wish to send hate mail to the setitofffamily blog that’s one thing, but to have it spread over to one of our admin’s personal blogs, where she posts her own thoughts and personal feelings. That is NOT okay. 

We are asking you to keep your feelings and anger about this weeks events on the setitofffamily blog and away from our admins. She has more than this week’s events on her mind right now. 


SIOF Admins 

as a huge fan of set it off, recent events have been hard to believe. however, this blog does not support austin, and i will not excuse the things he did.
i am proud of the rest of the band for putting the safety of their fans first. letting go of a friend like that must be hard, but they did the right thing.
if you are a victim, know that this blog is a safe place


do u feel


I’m sure the guys are having a hell of a time dealing with this past couple of days as well. So as an awesome anon suggested… Why don’t we all show some support. For the next week everyone wear your favorite SIO band merch and post anywhere and everywhere with the hashtags #SetItOff #WeSupportSIO 

Let’s show the guys we still love them and support them fully through all of this.