Reason and Desire.  pencil, photoshop.

Found this drawing from last year then kinda got carried away cleaning it up and coloring it.  I’m not 100% on the meaning of cosmos flowers, but the name means “balanced” and there’s a variety called the Psyche cosmos, so I went with ‘em.  (And Serona’s costume design is the same as from this illustration.)

I’ll post a process gif tomorrow!

Serona (Lust) using her Light element and being absolutely badass. Do not cross this woman. She may be titled Lust but she’ll mess your shit up!

(side note. This was my first time adding FX like this and my god I tensed up so much because I felt like the wrong line would have ruined the whole drawing, forcing me to redraw it again.)

anonymous said:

Name all of the OCs you've ever made no matter how underdeveloped or shitty

Oh shit uh

1. Alicia Nightshard
2. Arina Sutherland
3. Eznoir Lunari
4. Serona Andros
5. Barose Duvene
6. Blaire Arevil
7. Lacuna Erebos
8. Deimos Strakh
9. Lystra Ryrne
10. Varnas Ryrne
11. Connor Daniels
12. Overseer Proxy
13. Saoris Loreli
14. Arcanea Gevrian
15. Edgar Cronas
16. Celia Wilsen
17. Asgar Frostblood
18. Sirion Elsran
19. Arionn Skiere
20. Kaida, Devourer of Mortalkind


anonymous said:

SERONA ROTOVSKI is NINETEEN, and she is the PRINCESS of ITALY. They have an uncanny resemblance to CANDICE ACCOLA.

Candice Accola is now taken! You've got five hours to get your account in, sweetiepie.


Psyche, reworked.  Photoshop.

About a year and a half ago, I did this picture that I really liked the concept of but less so the execution.  When we decided to put together the Benign Kingdom art books, I took the opportunity to completely rework the illustration.  I’m overall much happier with the result.

The Benign Kingdom Kickstarter is still going on for another two days!!  Once it’s run its course, the art books will jump in price, so it’s not a bad idea to pledge right now if you’re interested in picking them up.  Thank you so much to everyone who’s pledged or talked about or been interested in the project.  We couldn’t be doing this without you!!

Serona at Sunset, reworked.  For the Benign Kingdom art book.

I am going to be honest: I have never liked the original version of this.  It was the result of some mindless noodling at a convention and I’m pretty sure the only reason I colored it in the first place was to have something to put on this blog.

This picture was on the short list to be in the Benign Kingdom artbook, and I conceded with the stipulation that I’d get the chance to rework it.  And then I diiiiiiid.  I didn’t have time to fix everything — to do that, I would’ve had to completely redraw it — but I’m much happier with the result.