Thank you, thank you so much, all of you, I don’t even know what to say, uh, I honestly have no idea what to write or think, I couldn’t do it, and I think I’m happy that it turned out that way. I’ll try to answer asks tomorrow, I really want to go to sleep, but thank you, thankyou-thankyou-thankyou, I can’t believe how awesome all of you are

Paging All Doctor Mechanic Shippers

Okay savecarmilla, nobody-loves-uzbekistan, doctormechanic, starbuck1980 and other Raven/Abby shippers … so there’s this whole The 100 Rare Pairs challenge happening this summer and fall to promote fanfic about non Bellarke/Clexa pairings, and the list of suggestions they had as a jumping-off point did not include Doctor Mechanic, which means there probably isn’t as much stuff out there as there is for other pairings.  So maybe we need to mobilize a Doctor Mechanic fan squad and rally the troops to make sure A) everyone who writes DM fic signs up for the challenge and B) that we’re creating and sharing all kinds of other fan stuff (photos, gifs, edits, etc.) during that same time.  Plus just finding and bonding with each other like BFFs.

I snagged the URL and am working on setting up a network, anyone better at HTML than me want to jump on board and co-admin?  Shoot me a message if you want to tag-team this, and then once it’s all set up we can invite all the Doctor Mechanic peeps to join.

I am 33 years old and work in marketing and social media and am ONLY JUST NOW teaching myself basic HTML - in order to set up a femslash shipper Tumblr blog, THIS IS MY LIFE, I AM A CRAZY PERSON.

Hi yes I went a bit crazy on the stars and stuff, my apologies, but I’m excited! I wanted to make this because somehow, in a crazily short amount of time, I have gotten over 150 followers! Like…woah…what?

I was honestly super nervous to start RPing Abby. She’s an amazing character and I was worried about doing her justice. Also, you know, joining new fandoms is scary, and (guilty confession time) I was only on 1x05 at the time. So needless to say, I was terrified, but I can honestly say The 100 RP fandom has been one of the kindest, most generous, and most welcoming fandoms. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity to be a part of this.

Now for the good stuff!

First off, a quick shout out to my long time friends who I have sucked into this fandom with me. You three have put up with me for way longer than you should have, and I’m infinitely grateful for your thoughtfulness and patience.

iignoscentia | peopleneedtxknow | calliiecartwig

The Baes:

dannybrax | defyingweakness | heavylieshercrxwn | hedaofthe12 | mechaniiisms | moralstrife | mxkeitgoboom | murphy-exiled | notsoheavynly​ | notthxprincess (and all your blogs) | ofarkiisms (and all your blogs) | ofbrokenmorality | rascalxorphan | roseorionsbelt | thxmatriarch

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Also, it was really hard to determine who to put on here. Like I easily could have put my entire followers list because you’re all so amazing. Honestly, the quality of this fandom completely humbles me and blows me away. Every single one of you has made me step up my game.

So thank you. Keep on keeping on, fandom.




This is like my fourth or fifth attempt to get a hotel to give me a picture of Jared AND IT FINALLY PAID OFF!!
I went to check in and the front desk guy just says “we managed to get your framed picture” and I just stared at him for a minute trying to contain my fangirling.
Totally unsuccessfully I might add because then the other desk guy started talking about how his brother lives near him and inside I was screaming but outside I was like “you don’t say.”

I’m so glad I have this picture.
It’s strangely soothing…

I once fell in love with a boy who could sing. He sang his feelings to me in every key. I tried to show him that I felt what he felt in return, but he never understood the hints I was giving him. I gave him so many open doors, yet he never took one. Always jumping from one girl, and the next to come. I once fell in love with a boy who could sing. That’s when I knew it wasn’t meant to be, but I won’t let this boy tread on me.
—  My Inner Thoughts

{{ Foxy…I didn’t realize your teeth and hook could get any sharper looking. Holy crap. I expected to see Chica when I checked Scott’s Website, but then I’m welcomed to the sight of this hell hound. I love the designs of these Nightmare animatronics. Though I noticed that, like Chica, Foxy’s appearance resembles his FNAF 2 appearance, but of course you know…more savage looking. I kind of surprised me to see this really. It especially surprised me when I saw that robotic tongue. I never expected to see actual tongues given to the animatronics. Makes me wonder if they were meant to always have tongues but Scott was more focused on the actual game play and what not and just didn’t do it. But none the less,just look at that hook, it looks like a literal meat hook. These things are defiantly not meant to be child friendly in any shape or form. I wonder if these things are actually real, or if they’re literal nightmares of some poor soul who worked in the original location. If they are literal nightmares, then who ever thinks of them like this, must have one twisted mind. But if they’re real…then holy shit, if your the night guard, bring some body armor, because these things will not leave a pretty mark on you. Especially Chica with her three rows of razor sharp fangs and Foxy with his meat hook. I can’t wait for Halloween so I can play this awesome looking game. I haven’t even seen any game play images and I’m already wanting to play this game just based off the animatronic designs alone.


Favorite Con Moments [1/]
↳Misha wiping “fairy herpes” (Jensen’s words not mine) on Jensen at JIB 6 [x]