I really want someone to prove that Sakura doesn’t stand up to Sasuke. And no, panels of her crying because she can’t stand to see how far Sasuke fell at one time doesn’t count.

Seriously, I can recall one time, ONE, where Sakura is shut down. This is after she begs Sasuke to not take the chuunin exams and starts crying, causing Sasuke to panic, and he only lashes out after she tells him that she would make him quit if he didn’t. He was rude, Sakura was upset, but this was acknowledged in the manga and Sakura goes right back to telling him that he’s basically messing up his life later in the manga anyway. She doesn’t care about his damn hissy fits.

But whatever, keep pretending that this is comparable to a real, toxic relationship where people feel trapped. Whateveeeeeeeeeer.

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I'm new to tumblr, but I just wanted to ask, how are you so awesome?? I mean seriously I love these posts. I have read all of these.

Thank you so much 😊

Apartment Decisions: An Exercise in Escalation

Me: ut oh, our lease is coming up. What should we do? Stay and renew or move again?
Boo: it really doesn’t make sense to move again, we should just renew.
Me: yeah. This rent is pretty good and then we’d have to pay for moving company etc etc, no no no.

Boo: did you see that new modern building is finally done? I stumbled across the listings
Me: oh wow these are gorgeous. Well, it can’t hurt checking out, I mean what if our landlord doesn’t let us renew? We should at least have a back up

DAY 3:
Me: omggggf those apartments were soooo nice
Boo: yeah, but it would be 300-500 more per month, and we can most likely stay where we are
Me: yeah.. Our apartment is fine. That’s crazy.

DAY 4:
Me: *glares at horrible brown carpet in living room, thinks of beautiful dark hardwoods in other apartments*

DAY 5:
Me: *glares at 5x5 walk in closet and thinks of double 7x7 walk ins in other apartment*

DAY 6:
Boo: it would be nice to have that private balcony so we didn’t have to share a grill on the roof top
Me: yeah….
Boo: and having that nice big heated indoor parking garage would be a plus
Me: yeah…

DAY 7:
Me: you know, what is the likelihood we’re going to be ready to buy a house next year? I mean I know we can, but will we be ready to buy a NICE one? I’m just saying I’d rather wait another year and not get saddled with some shitty condo just because we’re tired of renting
Boo: yeah, we can wait two years, that’s probably better
Me: agreed…. So then are we going to stay here two more years? …. With this carpet?
Boo: hmm..

DAY 8:
Me: well, I’ll just email the broker with what our proposed terms would be and then if the developer says no dice, that’s it, we’ll be done with the whole idea
Boo: yes, good.

DAY 9:



I am seriously amazed that people still have the gall to tell artists that “tumblr is a bad medium for posting” and “reposts are gonna happen if you put it on tumblr/the internet” like we didn’t know that already. It’s something that every artist is aware of but we draw to have fun and most of us post fanart to spread the fun to others who like the same things as we do. If you think that because we mostly put out fanart we’re automatically undeserving of the most basic level of respect then… Wow. Idk what to say to you lol. Just don’t mess with our work. Idc if it’s fanart trash porn don’t mess with it. We posted it where we wanted it to go and if you post it anywhere else without our knowledge or consent it could cause serious trouble for us, let alone the fact that it’s disrespectful

I know that at least in my case and some others, we’re so fed up with the bad attitudes of many tumblr users towards art and artists that we don’t really want to use tumblr anymore. You’re not entitled to our art… Like I said, we draw because it’s fun and we like to do it. We don’t have to post it. If you keep telling us that “posting on the internet makes reposts inevitable” then what will you do if people really do stop posting? I’ve already been half considering it for a while because of a lot of different reasons

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  • Favorite character: Buffy Summers
  • Favorite hero: Buffy Summers

Buffy Summers is…

Unapologetically girly.
In a patriarchal world, a world where she has to fight misogynistic evils daily, Buffy manages to remain her feminine self. There is a lot of pressure on women who want to be on even or above grounds as male equivalents, and it usually means leaving behind girly and feminine traits in order to get respect.
But Buffy’s a rebel. She refuses to play on others terms to be taken seriously. She rejects the stupid standards of only being able to get respect if you act, speak, or dress in a specific way. Buffy is herself. She’s girly. And she demands respect.

Emotional and empathic.
Part of having feminine traits that often are viewed as weakness, are letting emotions and empathy guide you. Most protagonists let logic win over emotion, and anything else is seen as irrational. But Buffy say to hell with that. Being able to be empathic and emotional in important situations is the strong and heroic option. Choosing the purely logical answer is not, and Buffy knows that.

Strong, both emotionally and physically.
Buffy’s had more shit thrown at her than most people do in several life times. Yet she’s standing. She survived endless evils trying to kill her, she survived all sorts of emotional abuse, and she survived depression.
She survived even when she didn’t.

Buffy Summers is a hero, and she saved the world. A lot.