Today in Lies, Liars, and Rat Bastards (10.22.14): So, this happened… I literally have no words. I’m exhausted with the fuckery at this point. Basically just readying the squad to go up to Ferguson again when they let that fucker Darren Wilson off without a single charge. #staywoke #farfromover #nojusticenopeace

Seriously, I’m going to start heavy organizing on Tumblr for a FL crew ready to mobilize whenever the grand jury announcement comes in. Interested?

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im tired i hate my life

Do a few of these, it seriously helps sweetie:
1. turn the lights on and open a window
2. eat something healthy and drink ice cold water
3. find a comforting album to listen to whenever things get bad
4. take a long, relaxing bath
5. do yourself up in full make up and hair
6. be around people, even if you don’t think it will help
7. watch something funny on netflix
8. wear your favorite/most comfortable outfit
9. immerse yourself in a hobby like drawing
10. lose yourself in a really good book or movie
11. write everything you’re feeling down in a notebook
12. go for a nice long walk alone, just to put things into perspective

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Why host yourself on Crys channel when you talk about how lame his fans are? Seriously stop. stop it. Everytime you do it everyone in cry chat just talks about how much of a wannabe streamer you are and how ugly you look and how winy you are. Get a real job. Stop mooching off Cry. Plx leave late night. I only watch after its your bed time and your not on the show anymore. Fag,

Hey you’re that one guy! I remember when you came into my stream and said pretty much the exact same thing word for word and then it was really awkward when no one banned you because you kind of did that “ILL SAY IT BEFORE HE DELETES IT AND EVERYONE WILL KNOW!” thing.

And ugly? Please. If you’re going to insult me, at least choose something I am insecure about. And you wonder why I say how lame some of his fans are.

Like seriously a real swiftie would have known not to pick up the thing and would have notified taylor swift or taylor swift nation privately. No she wanted to be popular, she wanted to get noticed so she just went for it. Good job idiot girl. I’m not gonna reblog that picture cause that’s probably why she bought them in the first place. 

I know Tuesday was yesterday

But here’s a truth….

I don’t like coffee.  Tastes gross.  Don’t drink tea either. Tastes like the dead grass under the swimming pool.  I love a starbucks caramel apple spice.  It’s my hot drink of choice.

Aaron drinks coffee, but rarely makes it.  I can handle that.  Hubby drinks coffee and the smell is often in our house.  I can handle that.

What I can’t handle is the plethora of skanky smelling coffees that Newbie makes on the daily.  She must have made 10 different stinks in the last week.  Seriously.  I have told her about my coffee dislike, when she tried to push the Chocolate Donut coffee on me.  She is the only one drinking the whole pot of garbage she makes.  Aaron won’t touch the flavored stuff.  That’s all of the office employees here and accounted for.  Her, me and Aaron.

I think the smell of the day can only be described as sweatsocks au lait.

One day, we will look back and wonder how on earth we used to believe that depression was a lifestyle choice, only to be debated and taken seriously when an A List film star took his life, and the world filled with people saying how shocked and saddened they were.
—  Alistair Campbell

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"So.. I think we should have the talk. And no, not that talk. I meant wedding plans."

Light grinned and nodded enthusiastically. “I can’t wait to marry you. Let’s get married right now,” he joked. “No but seriously what do you want to start with for the planning?”



(1/07) Team work moments: NARUTO AND SAKURA VS KAKASHI

I get the feeling I should take it a little seriously too.

no but seriously why would u post a pic of yourself with the fucking album that isn’t supposed to be released yet it’s just asking for trouble. 

to be honest, i’m almost 100% sure that there’s definitely a level of sexism here that’s preventing people from taking me seriously?? like all the time i’m told how young/small/tiny/etc. i look and i’m wondering if that’s why people feel the need to talk down to me????????? like all the time men that i deal with through work (not in the office, because they see my drive and ethics and generally are just good people) always second guess me and try to make it seem like i’m wrong or that i’m in correct and like

LITERALLY JUST THE OTHER NIGHT we were in a work meeting and this boy who i 

  1. have more work place seniority over
  2. have more job experience over

was going on and on about not being able to do piece on the Muslim Student Association that we have on campus because “we don’t have one” (which is false, we’ve had on since at least 2003) and when i told him we did he just went on and on about how mistaken i was and “listen i went to the student association two weeks ago,” DESPITE THE FACT THAT MY FRIEND ERICK HAD JUST RECENTLY PUBLISHED A PIECE ON THE MSA and when i pulled up the page and literally had irrefutable proof he still was like “i don’t think you’re right here”

AND IT WASN’T UNTIL MY BOSS WAS LIKE “listen josh ya fuckin wrong” that he was like “oh okay dave i never knew thanks!”  like fuck you for not taking me seriously and not believing me until my opinions are validated by a mans

the only thing that i have going for me, no matter how shitty other guys act towards me, is that the GM of our paper - Dave - is literally grooming me for an editorial position and this time next year i could be looking at a major promotion and control over the university news desk because our Managing Editor is graduating in the spring and our news editor is going to step up and take his place and then i’m going to move up as well and he’s literally told me all of this and i’m so excited but it’s still like????? will even a position of power matter if people are still going to second guess me and disrespect me and talk down to me like i’m a fucking child

fuck you, guys who don’t think i’m qualified enough or feel the need to not consider me a serious contender in the news industry, i’m a frequent front page writer and contributing writer to a national news bureau 

I have some friends who are Christians and say that they don’t care that I’m gay or whatever and they seem to be coming from the perspective that sexuality is a very minimal part of a person and that it shouldn’t be something that my identity is caught up in.

The rarely spoken implication is “Well, I don’t make a big deal out of being straight.”

But seriously, heterosexuality is everywhere, it is in everything, and queer communities exist precisely because cishet people have made a big deal out of our sexualities in the past, usually by disowning us, beating us with their fists or outright murdering us.
So while you may not think that you are constantly performing your heterosexuality, you are. It is a big deal. It is an identifier.

I used to run from the label because I wanted to be accepted by cishets, but I see now that the only truly safe space is among other queers with open eyes.

This is rambling, I’m sorry