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Jessica Hernandez was trying to kill a cop when she was shot. The officer she tried to run over is in the hospital. But please, do continue to claim that she was "unarmed."

…sure she was. She hit the officer in the leg. It’s unclear if it was intentional or not, as the police chief himself has said. They’re currently investigating. Do you all seriously think I don’t read the articles I LINK IN THE POSTS? Beyond shooting her in the head, the officers recklessly put the lives of the four others in danger by shooting into the vehicle. But yeah… guess they’re lives were worthy collateral for you. Please continue to act like the police shooting an unarmed teenager, with multiple innocent teenagers in the car with her, was the best and only possible resolution. #wakeup

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(Mind my english) Sometimes I feel like i should unfollow you since you've been so agressive...Why are artists so overprotective with their art? I would write to you without "anonim" but I don't want some of your fans to butthurt over it :/ sorry :(

Lol have you even been following me for a long time because I’ve really been a chill and positive person. Read my »ask ally tag« to see my usual nature of responses.

You just won’t be able to understand why artists are “so overprotective of their art" until you’ve stood in our shoes yourself. The frustration, time and effort it takes to make that one single art piece that you scroll past on your dash. That pressure to keep improving ourselves and our skills. 

Let’s say you spent an hour in this essay. Someone steals it and photocopies it to hand in to their teacher and gets the A they didn’t work for. How would YOU feel, being the one who’s spent all that effort on that essay?

My fans FRIENDS are not “butthurt" over my »issue«. They’re merely standing up and supporting an artist’s basic rights. So please PLEASE do not look at them that way because they are very important people to me.

Just come off anon and we’ll have a private chat.

I’m only “aggressive" when need be since I’ve been stepped over a lot in my life because of how soft-hearted and overly forgiving I used to be. I’ve been through a lot of shit in this fandom that you won’t be able to simply understand. Most of us fandom contributors have.

Seriously I’m so mad. I can’t go from texting constantly to nothing. I’m breaking down without you. I need that attention and I hate it.
—  My brain

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do you ever get sad that The Man Who Would Be King is still making ripples and still talked about today because it was such a well written episode and actually the /only/ episode entirely from Cas' point of view and we get to see his thoughts and actions, and we never got an episode like it again and do you ever get sad about it because this episode made such an important influence on canon and just akmsforenglerngler I'M HAVING FEELS OKAY

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I’m tired.

Everyone has an opinion and the others should respect it. If you don’t respect it then don’t require the other people to do the same to you.

What’s happening with the Eremika shippers and the haters is pissing me off. I’m seriously mad. 

-You think Eremika is incest and you don’t ship it because of this incest thing? Fine

, I don’t care. It is your own opinion. You think it is problematic? Okay, like I already said, it is your opinion.
-You think I can’t ship it because to you it is incest and no one can ship it? Then go and fuck off. I don’t hurt anybody, so I’m free

to ship whoever I want to and I’m free to have an opinion. 

There’s a difference between these 2 situations, but apparently nobody is able to see it.

-You insult me because of what I think? Then do it. I know who I am and I don’t need someone else to tell me so. You can call me shit, trash or moron, but where’s the funny part

if I don’t get mad over it? 

"Eremika shippers are so mean, they insulted me"
I don’t know the others Eremika shippers, but I only “insult” when someone does the same to me. If you’re the first one insulting and you get mad when the person you insulted does the same, then it is a problem

of yours. You only show us how much childish you are.
If the Eremika shippers are the first ones doing so, then it’s the same, Eremika shippers or not, you’re still childish.
I’ll always defend “my squad”, but if some of us sends hate, then I won’t defend anyone.

Don’t send hate, don’t gain hate. If you get hate and you did nothing wrong, don’t worry, you’re not the one who’s wrong.

And never generalize

something. Because we’re all different.

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I don't understand how people can believe the girl claiming this shit against Mark. Honestly, does Mark seem like the kind of guy to sexually harass someone? He even addressed it, which is more than most people being accused of a thing like this would do. I don't know the full story, but I seriously doubt Mark would be that kind of person.

I agree. Marks a guy who has been accused for other shit as well and had stepped up again to prove his innocence.
Also, he’s the nicest guy ever, so I had doubted the story the minute I read her accusation.

holy shit??? is the 50 shades of grey movie seriously not out yet??? it feels like its been out for like 5 years ??? ? the passage of time is a fucking enigma dude

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To what extent am I, as a white person, allowed to debate poc on racism? I understand that I don't have any authority on the matter, but if the person is expressing some seriously racist views and obviously harbouring deep seated internalized racism, what's the best way of handling the situation without it becoming white entitlement/white saviour complex?

You may not like this response but, most of the time you are not allowed to debate. 

You as a white person cannot call a person of color out on internalized oppression that has to do with their own identity.  (If you are very close to this person, there may be circumstances where you can gently push back on internalized oppression.)  It really isn’t your place to teach a person to love themselves and their own identity when you come from a position of privilege.

However, you may be addressing a slightly similar situation where it may be okay to call a person out.

You as a white person can call a person out if they are being prejudiced or stereotyping a race/ethnicity/culture/community that the person does not belong to. This is the action of allyship for that particular group of people that the individual is stereotyping. People of color can have horrible prejudices against each other and it can really hurt the movement.  

I realize this may be confusing so I will attempt an example. You as a white person can call out a person of Chinese descent when they are stereotyping Japanese people.  You as a white person can call out a person of Chinese descent when they are stereotyping black people.  You as a white person CAN NOT call out a person of Chinese descent when they are stereotyping someone Chinese or of Chinese descent. 


(If this is confusing at all, please, please, please ask follow up questions so I might make it more clear.)