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Poor Hanji is always depicted by the fandom as having bad hygiene lmao. why is it so easy to imagine it being true tho like how do u feel about this

well we get quite a few hints that hange doesn’t really exercise much care over her hygiene; in isayama’s original character notes for the animation team he pointed out that hange’s hair is messy, tangled and greasy/oily from lack of being washed. 

and in her character interview and in levi’s character interview they both mention that hange gets so dirty sometimes that levi coordinates these bathing/water attacks on her with her subordinates.

and her room was described (by isayama or in a character interview, I cant recall) as being full of books and dust. 

it just kind of fits hange as well; she gets so wrapped in her research and experiments that cleanliness and self-care becomes a much lower priority. so she has moblit and levi to keep that shit from getting too out of hand.  

*wakes up, incoherently mumbles* But I really need to know: was Dark Korra actually a figment of Korra’s imagination or was she a physical and spiritually-charged manifestation caused by Korra’s trauma? Why could that little leaf spirit see Dark Korra when no one else could? Where did Dark Korra go after Korra went to see Zaheer? She suffered from a mental disability that shouldn’t have gone away just like that; that’s not how it works. *rolls over and goes back to sleep*


Eugene Roe

Hide your morphine, guys! Walter Gordon

You ain’t using this stuff are you, doc? I mean personal, like.  ―James Alley


dont u just hate it when this happens, like where are skinwhores supposed to put the future 4.8 skins, i demand more inv space. forgot to take pics of my alts and my legion warehouse haha, but its basically just like those ^

and yeah i know i need an exorcism for whatever skinwhore demon thats runnin around my body ok.

Imagine your OTP. Imagine they get a cat. Imagine when person A comes home to find person B playing out the scene from the Lion King with the cat, standing on the kitchen table in their underwear and holding the poor cat in the air, who has jelly smeared on their forehead

I’ve decided (and I’m certain I’m not alone in this) that deleting the artist’s comments from a photo/photo-set or other post while reblogging is rather disrespectful to the original artist.

I’m not saying you can’t delete the comments I leave regarding the context of my scribbles and such, but nonetheless, whenever I see it being done (to my posts or to other people) I immediately think of the act as rude.

So maybe the commentary doesn’t fit your “blog aesthetic,” or you’ve got a thing against images with explanatory text. If I could choose between someone reblogging my posts while deleting my comments or simply not reblogging at all, I’d rather my post not be reblogged.

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can still say that I don’t care for it (and that it irks me, especially when links and relevant information is discarded.) So yeah. If you want to annoy me, do that. I’ll be rolling my eyes behind my computer screen.

Okay I’m sorry but I need Snow to learn something real fast and hard right now because this is getting ridiculous.

Emma is who she is because of the choices she’s made in her life. Snow did nothing in regards to that. 

I get that both Snow and Charming were afraid and simply wanted to ensure their child had the best possible future, but neither one of them gets to argue that any disgust Emma feels at their actions is a direct result of those actions. Snow saying it was worth it just made me want to scream because she is basically telling Emma that anything inside her that can’t imagine hurting an innocent baby is because her parents made it that way. That it wasn’t her choice. That Emma coming out still a good person despite all the terrible things that have happened to her isn’t because of her strength and the things she’s learned, but because someone else engineered her that way.

Snow is completely invalidating Emma and all her feelings by saying, well this is why we did it, because it made you into this wonderful person see!

I just. I’m so tired of people taking away Emma’s agency and making her feel like nothing, like she’s accomplished nothing. I’m tired because first it was Neal, then it was Regina and Rumple and now it’s even her own parents. At least her father has the decency to look ashamed of himself.

The only two people who have never invalidated and put down Emma and made her feel like nothing are Henry and Killian. And Henry is her child, he idolizes her, despite understanding her flaws. Because she’s his mother and his best friend and she is always there for him. To Henry, Emma is probably the strongest person he knows. And Killian, he’s a respectful fucking person because he understands that personal agency is important.

I honestly want Snow to realize that it doesn’t matter what she and Charming did. Emma is who she is because of her own choices. They didn’t decide her feelings for her before she was even born. And they don’t get to use her disgust at what they did as justification for doing it in the first place.

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Okay just imagine a Game of thrones Nalu AU, where there is no main character death and Natsu is the Leader Dothraki and Lucy is from a high honoured house (I don't know which) and has to marry Natsu to protect her house because it is threatened, wouldn't that be so cool?!

……… how did you know

I always see people on here praising directors and actors for the movies/shows they watch and their favourite characters and things such as foreshadowing and backstories and one liners or sarcasm or great relationships. 

But nobody ever seems to thank the writers. Nobody praises the person who sat down and wrote the story of the show/movie for hours, doing countless rewrites and edits. The person who writes those one liners and sarcasm. The person who writes the foreshadowing and backstory and makes them characters. Actors do a great job but they are still just showing what the writer wrote. 

There needs to be more praise for scriptwriters instead of just having all their hardwork credited to other people in the production.