William Hogarth

Marriage à la Mode: The Toilette

England (c. 1743)

National Gallery, UK

‘Marriage A-la-Mode’ was the first of Hogarth’s satirical moralising series of engravings that took the upper echelons of society as its subject. The paintings were models from which the engravings would be made. The engravings reverse the compositions.
After the death of the old Earl the wife is now the Countess, with a coronet above her bed and over the dressing table, where she sits. She has also become a mother, and a child’s teething coral hangs from her chair.
The lawyer Silvertongue invites her to a masquerade like the one to which he points, depicted on the screen. A group of visitors on the left listen to an opera singer, possibly a castrato, accompanied by a flautist.
An African page on the right unpacks a collection of curiosities bought at auction, including a figure of Actaeon. The paintings on the right wall show 'Lot and his Daughters’ and 'Jupiter and Io’ (after Correggio). On the left wall is a portrait of the lawyer and 'Rape of Ganymede’ (after Michelangelo).

Lexie Moreland

Viewfinder | Intimate Backstage portraits of a Broadway Star

Always prepared with a camera handy in case a scene strikes her, the photographer Lexie Moreland never tries to reproduce a missed moment - as soon as she’s consciously looking, she says, the potential for revelation is lost.

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Could you consider telling how Mr. Alethrion learned how to fly? It would be awesome if we found out some of his back story on how he became the way is. I’m just surprised on how in The First Hero, it didn’t use much of his powers. I just want to see more of that because you guys are so great at the camera angles for the power scenes. Thanks for taking the time for reading my feedback.


Hey Kevin!
Good question! Alethrion can´t actually fly, he is just the most powerful hero in the land at this time in the story. He sets off with his extremely strong legs and makes a powerful jump aimed towards the Dern Dragon. You are right, we skipped many of the fight scenes, even though we had storyboarded them out, simply because they took up so much time in the film. Alethrion is already at a pretty high level when we start the film. He has just been down in the dessert of Kartoffal (AKA Kahltofal) beating up a mighty demon which granted him power and perhaps also started the greed of Alethrion. There is a little short clip about it in this video.

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