Well, dear people of the internet- I am currently taking a (forced) break from my day-job. Hence, I’ve finally enough time and energy again to get artsy~ Hannibal Season 3 is near n I felt like doing a little pre-series-start poster line. 

I think the title “Hunter of Atonement” suits Will. I also think that this is what we can expect of him, behaviour wise. Hunting and atoning :)   (the other poster will come tomorrow)

Theme of the Week | Movies & TV Shows

This is where your favorite movies and superheroes collide - where Homer and Storm Troopers search for donuts and lost planets, where James Bond and Batman plan their next move to save the world. So whether you’re star struck or just looking for someone to save the day, get ready to bring Hollywood to your walls and your walls to outer space.

“Golden Homer” | Limited Edition Fine Art Print

“Game of Thrones” | Limited Edition Canvas Print

“Mad Men” | Numbered Fine Art Print

“Say My Name” | Numbered Aluminum Print

“FANTASMAGORIK® DUCK” | Limited Edition Aluminum Print

“Daenerys Targaryen” | Numbered Fine Art Print

“Walking Shadows, Turtles” | Numbered Canvas Print

“Michael C. Hall” | Numbered Aluminum Print

Have I ever mentioned that I was literal Naruto trash when I was in middle school?


Clever Pictogram Movie Posters Summarize an Entire Movie in Two Frames

Sweden-based graphic designer Viktor Hertz has just released his latest project on Kickstarter. The two-frame pictogram movie poster series takes some of your favorite films, likeStar Wars, Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction, and turns them into clever before and after-style illustrations.