Favorite Football Friendships

 Lionel Messi & Sergio Aguero 

“We act like a couple” - Sergio Aguero

“I don’t dream about being like Messi because he dreams of being like me!” - Sergio Aguero.

I love you a lot and being by your side makes me really happy”- Sergio Aguero

Can he make you laugh?

He can. He went through a phase, several. But when he was younger, he was a character. He could make you laugh all the time about anything at all.”- Lionel Messi


How Kun met Messi:
We were sitting at the table with him, Garay and Formica. He was beside me. I looked at him but I didn’t know him. they were talking about Nike football boots and Garay was saying that they were really good. Then Leo said, ” They’ve brought them from the USA”. So I started thinking “Where is this guy from?”. I couldn’t resist and …