In a year I’ve gone from knowing the Peoria Rivermen exist to loving them dearly. This is the year I’ve gotten to know them and the year I’ve seen them go. I know maybe that doesn’t give me as much reason as some have to be sad. I feel frustrated with myself for feeling as strongly as I do about it. But I do. I can’t erase it. And I won’t.

I may have only known them for a year but I knew them. I may have only loved them for a year but I loved them. I have only a small stack of memories in comparison but they’re memories I won’t be letting go.

I have the Rivermen to thank for bringing together the group of some of my favorite people, and I have those people to thank for bringing me to love the Rivermen. This year I have grown to love them so much. I still will. Even though it’s time to say farewell to the Rivs, the great gals are for life. This year is something I won’t ever forget.

I’m having a stupid tough time in my life. I can’t relate to many people my own age easily. This is, I think, thanks to a mix of factors including but not limited to my being homeschooled, being a senior in high school but in college ‘full-time,’ and having the quirky maturity and deep-ness that I’ve always had. I don’t fit in with my age group but I usually get written off by people older than me because I’m only eighteen and I look much younger. So I just end up this lonely in-between-er. But I’m extremely thankful for those of you, some of whom are on this website, who are older than me and will just TALK TO ME and be my friend and treat me like a real person because that kind of thing is something I need so very badly at this point. The point of this post was to say thanks.