naegichiis asked:

drakosere pls


  • Drinks all of the coffee

Serendine doesnt like it and Drakon likes it so Drakon but tries not to overdo it.

  • Brings up adopting a pet

Serendine would like to adopt people too after one point and Drakon says its not possible only children and then he blushes when he thinks about a family with Serendine and faints and Seren doesnt understand what has gotten into him. Serendine would have a thing for dangerous but cute/beautiful looking animals and Drakon has a heartattack anytime Seren brings home one and Drakon is the one who ends up injured by them

  • Kills the bugs

Drakon would do it but Serendine doesnt let him kill the spiders because of reasons.

  • Cooks the meals

Serendine would try but she would cook as horrible as Hakuei and Drakon would eat it anyways happily because it was made by Seren and he is so happy he doesnt care about the taste.

  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should

Serendine would buy costumes and decorate the house way before time

  • Initiates the couple selfies 


  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

Maybe Serendine

  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

Serendine asdf

  • Nicknames the other

JUNIOR *sobs* Drakon would think of sweet nicknames such as darling or sweetheart but he is too shy to say them out loud so