Ash: C’mon Pikachu, let’s do some special trainin!
Pikachu: PIKA! 

Serena: So um, are you thinking about your strategy or anything? 

NO of course not Serena.
Is it me or is she really into this strategy thing…. I guess that makes sense. I mean she seems to enjoy planning routines. But she also jumped right at the opportunity to plan a love confession back in the Dr. White episode so…. she seems to like coming up with strategies of all kinds.

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Extended version of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper’s interview about ‘Joy’ & David O. Russell at the NYC premiere of Serena.

anonymous asked:

Why do people ship GeekChicShipping? Is it because they have no one else to ship Serena with?

I can only speak for me, anon-chan, so my answer may differ than anyone else’s.

I ship GeekChic because the possibilities for these two being romantically involved are endlessly interesting. There is very little one-on-one interaction with Serena and Clemont in Pokeani canon (mostly due to the writing being dedicated to Serena’s crush on/relationship with Ash) but - for all their differences - they actually have a fair amount in common.

They both have mild anxiety/bashfulness, they both love cooking, they both have an interest in creating unique/helpful/inspirational things. Serena sews and bakes, Clemont invents and cooks.

To be fair, I’m not Serena’s biggest fan. She was introduced poorly, written poorly. I don’t bash her because I know she’s intended to be a good character/person, but she has been handled so - well - poorly that I don’t really know what to think of her. Even now that she has a goal, she still seems highly one-dimensional to me. She has interest only in performing, baking, pretty clothes, and getting Ash’s attention. I just… I like girls with a little more “meat” on their character bio.

But I looooove Clemont. I want him happy. And I think Serena and her semi-shared interests, experiences, and behavior would fit him well. I think her different interests, experiences, and behaviors would give him a nurturing opportunity to grow. And I think Clemont could offer her the same things.