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Did seregon grow only on Amon Rûdh?

That is a possibility. Seregon’s entry at the end of the Silmarillion reads “'Blood of Stone', a plant with deep red flowers that grew on Amon Rudh.” - meanwhile, niphredil’s entry mentions that it grew in Doriath as well as Lorien. So, if seregon grew anywhere else, you’d think Tolkien would have mentioned it.

Then again, niphredil was specifically mentioned while the fellowship was in Lorien, so it could just be that Amon Rudh was the only place we (the reader) ever see seregon growing. Perhaps it grew throughout the region, but wasn’t mentioned until Amon Rudh (because of the striking image of the “bloody” hill-top.)


SOURCES: The Silmarillion

((Ted Nasmith’s beautiful depiction of the seregon growing on top of Amon Rudh.))

'Now that hill stood upon the edge of the moorlands that rose between the vales of Sirion and Narog, and high above the stony heath it reared its crown; but its steep grey head was bare, save for the red seregon that mantled the stone. And as the men of Túrin’s band drew near, the sun westering broke through the clouds, and fell upon the crown; and the seregon was all in flower. Then one among them said: “There is blood on the hill-top.”’ - Of Túrin Turambar, The Silmarillion.

Amon Rudh, by noei1984

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Seregon- Denizens

You cannot find a better riff than the one in this song. How the FUCK are these guys still not signed to a label?


Griffith - front legs of a falcon, back end of a wildcat, head and torso of a Wyvern, mind of a human child

Seregon - cross between a Snow Dragon and Western Dragon, with a mix of antelope and cheetah, large but gentle beast

Heósoptos - resembles the Loch Ness Monster or an evolved plesiosaur, no eyes, sees with sonar-like sensors, gills and lungs, can change into a human

“Sérénité’s Garden" - short story of the place, Sérénité’s Garden, a paradise that is hidden in the arctic region of Les Terrain Vagues, home of many mythical creatures such as listed above; in the story, Sérénité is the keeper of the Garden but had been turned into a Griffith, aided by Erilaea, they used the Stone of Infinity to change him back (pictured above)


Seregon- Denizens


Seregon- Disposable Suffering

It’s Thrash Thursday so enjoy this amazing piece of thrash.


Seregon- Denizens
The riff in this song…

(Also, although the video is 4 minutes long the track is only 1 minute and 49 seconds long.)

Seregon- Disposable Suffering

This song has the most amazing riff/intro, ever.

That moment when you almost have a bands entire discography and you're just missing one song and then you go to there website and hit a button and it gives you a free download of it.

This feeling will probably never happen again so i’ma enjoy it while I can

Thank you Seregon. Now I have everything.