i. i think i fell in love with you on a night under the stars.
ii. i think my heart was yours eons ago.
iii. i think time was never on our side.
iv. i think when i found her trail strewn across your life, i chose to ignore it.
v. i think i made the wrong choice.
vi. i think i love you too much to see straight.
vii. all i can think is you you you you you.
viii. i think you never thought of me that way.
ix. i think i wouldn’t care either way.
x. i can’t think anymore.
—  i think, i think, i think
There is a place in your body I want to fill. It is not in your heart, not even in your mind. It is the point between your neck and chest. It is the space where my head can lie like a seed around flesh. It is the place, where I can hear your heart and my heart, and your lungs as my lungs, and all else is quiet. And all else is beating in our heads.
—  Kharla M. Brillo, Definitions of Home

baconandhambagel asked:

yo homie:) why do you think those shots were fan servicey?? I mean to me i can't see how any of those are sexual? but maybe im wrong I was just curious to see what you meant. I mean we see zuko shirtless like a shit ton and even aang so to me if anything, the fan service is skewed in favor of the dudes, i mean i think theres a difference between fan service and just having the characters in different states of dress? like none of the shots of azula were super focused on that aspect yknow?

It’s not about how modest or immodestly dressed Azula is, it’s more about the vibe she gives off, especially in those shots. Here, it was put well in a comment referring to my earlier gifset:

mujaki said: I really thought it was just me. To be fair, that scene in her bedroom with Zuko had such a Cruel Intentions-vibe that I think the fanservice was deliberately meant to be disconcerting.

I agree with this. If you listen to the voice acting (which was spot on), there almost always seems to be an inherently erotic vibe to it. Then bump into ATLA Book 3 and they’re deliberately animating Azula in scenes where she has a more seductive appearance. And the fact that she’s now playing off of Zuko really makes their dynamic almost identical to SMG and Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions. It is disconcerting, and it’s damn effective.

Anonymous said to lokgifsandmusings:

What? Asami? A fanservice character? Just because she had one scene where she was wearing a bathing suit? It’s amazing what people come up with. Why is hating Asami a thing?

I think her hairflips were more damning in some people’s eyes, because I mean, that’s the first shot we get at her. But it’s no worse than Mako wiping the sweat off his forehead and stuff. Asami has that kind of stereotypical noir “femme fatale,” and when she was first introduced, that’s why people assumed she was evil, yeah? (I binged S1 so can’t speak for myself). Then I guess people thought the continual hairbending in like, S3 was simply gratuitous, even though it was her flirting with Korra.

IMO, they made a point for both Ty Lee an Asami to be pretty, even flirtatious, but the only one they scripted to be deliberately…suggestive/erotic (in the strictest sense of the words) was Azula. Ty Lee’s appeal was purely coquettish (I hate that word, but the best I can think of), and Asami was always consciously shown to be connecting with people on an emotional level as her primary MO.