April Fools' Desktop Prank

Stu went home to visit family this past weekend, so I fed his cats while he was out of town. He made the mistake of leaving his computer on and unprotected, so close to April Fools’ Day, so I took advantage of the opportunity. I made the folder below and added it to his desktop, screencapped it, deleted the folder, and made the image his desktop so that the “new folder” was unclickable:

Then I decided to amuse myself further by making the following slideshow for the desktop:

Hope you all had a fun April 1st!!


Jesse Jacobs’ wondrously weird wilderness tale Safari Honeymoon has been reviewed by the blogs Festival Season and Sequential.


“Jacobs plays with our anxiety about nature by turning the forest inhabitants into one-eyed, many-legged, slithering, toothy, tentacled predators that can devour you, strangle you, pass through your rectum, take over your brain, feed upon your soul, or worse — swim in your glass of Chardonnay.” — Jason Viola, Festival Season

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“The painstaking accumulation of microscopically precise visual elements creates the pulsating symbolic anatomy of the safari and its denizens, the sense that, at any moment, a stunning totality will emerge from the infinite minutia.” — Will Wellington, Sequential

Read the whole review here!