on this day twelve years ago 343 firefighters lost their lives in the world trade center. today is a day i remember one of them especially, firefighter thomas j. foley. tommy was about as close to family as you could get without actually being blood. although it’s been well over a decade his memory never faded. instead his legacy lives on through his incredible family who make sure that he inspires others as much as he’s inspired us. tommy lived his life to the fullest each and everyday, something that most of us can only hope for. he was always there for anyone when they needed and he always had a smile on his face. even though i was seven when he passed, tommy is still by far the greatest person i’ve ever met. we miss you more everyday tommy, i wish i could be there with your family tonight celebrating your amazing life. we’ll never forget 💙❤🇺🇸🚒. #neverforget #septermber11 #restinpeace

United we stand. Together we mourn and hug one another like if we are one. We may not be the friendliest city, we may not always have manners, we may walk every day bumping one another and being rude but NEW YORK is known to come together for the rough times. Through the storms, rain, death plane crash, threats we still stand…together…as one.

-Love your city for when times are tough its the only place you run to. Home.

13 years ago today, thousands of innocent people lost their lives! Please don’t forget to take a moment of silence out of your day to remember and honor all the brave firefighters, passengers, victims and all the volunteers that lost their lives on the memorable day!! As well as the family and friends who grieves their lost! #911 #Septermber11 #NeverForget #WeMissYou #GodBlessYou (at USA)