Loud and Clear

A/N: For howboutnovak who needs some fluffy feels today. If you feel so inclined, please go give her some love! — Fake boyfriends AU. ~5400 wc. 

Dean’s been avoiding Sam and Jess all night. He feels like shit for it, they are the couple of the evening after all, but he’s afraid they’re going to want to meet his date. The date he absolutely doesn’t not have.

Three months ago, when Jess had asked Dean if he’d be bringing a plus one to the wedding, he’d said yes. At that time, he’d reasoned three months was plenty of time to find a date.

Now it’s the night before the wedding and while Dean doubts it’s really that big of a deal, he doesn’t want to disappoint them. They’d both seemed so happy to hear he’d be bringing someone along.

To make matters worse, the first person Dean saw when he’d arrived at the rehearsal dinner was a guy he absolutely despises.

Castiel J. Novak. Yeah, the J. was important, apparently.

He’s a mutual friend of Sam and Jess’, a guy they’d gone to law school with, and the handful of times Dean’s met him, the guy’s been a pretentious, smart mouthed, asshole; always looking at Dean with his mouth pulled into a frown, like he doesn’t approve of Sam’s less educated older brother who’s perfectly content with working on cars for the rest of his life rather than feeling like he needs a fancy law degree to feel like someone important.

So yeah. So far Dean’s night has been hell; most of it spent glaring at the back of Castiel J. Novak’s head.

Knowing he can’t avoid the happy couple forever, Dean goes easily when Jess catches his eye and motions him over to the drink table where she and Sam are taking a breather from accepting well wishes for their future together. It’s finally time to bite the bullet and confess, he decides.

"Dean! I feel like I haven’t seen you all night!" Jess says, pulling Dean in for a hug when he comes to stand in front of her and Sam.

"Didn’t want to be in the way," Dean offers.

"You’re not in the way, Dean." Sam counters, and Dean can practically hear his brother proverbially rolling his eyes.

Dean shrugs.

"So where are they?" Jess asks, her eyes bright.

Dean swallows and offers his soon-to-be sister-in-law a sheepish grin. “Where are who?” Nobody ever said playing dumb was a good idea, but it will certainly prolong the conversation for just a bit longer, and at this point, Dean will take whatever he can get.

Jess lets out a laugh. “Your date.”

"Oh, right. My date. They’re uh-" as Dean’s brain scrambles for an explanation a figure looms next to him. The guy’s probably just there to refill his drink, but knowing immediately who it is by the stiff posture and smell of tea tree, Dean grabs the man’s arm and tugs him over.

"Cas," Dean says, "Castiel J. Novak is my date."

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hs!au where Cas is the quiet, uptight sophmore who’s president of the Bible Club, always wears sweater vests, and takes everything in with wide, blue eyes, curious as a cat’s.

One night his sister Anna tells him she’s taking him for ice cream, but instead she takes him to a party where he ends up eating loaded brownies and getting baked enough to finally tell Dean Winchester, the cute, senior, soccer player with the freckles, just how cute Cas thinks Dean’s butt is. They end up making out in a closet.

At the end of the night Dean takes Cas home (Anna was last seen leaving with her crush Ruby) and walking him to his doorstep, leaving Cas with a kiss on the forehead and Dean’s phone number tucked safely in the pocket of Cas’ jacket.

Couples Knitting

A/N:For the lovely whelvenwings who’s celebrating a birthday today. Happy birthday, doll! — AU ~3,300k; in which Dean discovers knitting isn’t all that terrible. (Based off of this gross picture.)

"Couples Knitting? Sammy, what the hell is Couples Knitting?”

It’s early Sunday afternoon and Dean’s seated at the bar in Sam’s big ass house with a mouth full of pancakes that Jess made. It’s their tradition, Dean joins the happy couple for free food once a week, and Sam gushes to Dean about his perfect, apple pie life complete with a successful law firm, one beautiful wife, and a baby on the way. It’s the best part of Dean’s week, usually, until things like Couples Knitting are mentioned.

"Keep your voice down, Dean, geez."

"Please tell me it isn’t what I think it is," Dean continues, ignoring Sam’s request. He washes his bite of pancakes down with coffee and stares at his brother expectantly.

"It’s probably exactly what you think it is, Dean. It’s Couples Knitting; me and Jess together, in a class, learning how to knit. She wants to make the baby a blanket before it’s born."

"So you need to learn how to knit why?"

Sam shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know she just wants to do it together; as a married couple, I don’t see anything wrong with Couples Knitting.”

Dean shakes his head and reaches across the counter, pulling a few strips of bacon off of a plate and popping one into his mouth. “That’s the problem, Sammy. You don’t see anything wrong with it. Take my advice, if you want whatever’s left of your manhood to stay intact, you will not go to that class.”

"Right," Sam says with a huff, "Because I should definitely be taking advice from the single guy who’s ‘between partners at the moment’. Maybe you should go to Couples Knitting.”

Dean waves Sam’s comment off with a hand in the air. His life is awesome, thank you very much, he doesn’t need couples anything.

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A/N: For thewinchesterlifestyle who’s had a pretty crummy last few days. Give her some hugs, she needs them. — A/B/O verse  (my first one ever!) ~1200 wc. Fluff (with a tiny bit of angst).

Content warning for: mpreg, omega!Dean, and age difference (11 years. Dean is 21, Cas is 32.)

When Castiel’s eyes blink open it’s 3am. The spot next to him, where Dean usually sleeps, is cool, the smell of discomfited omega permeating the air.

Castiel huffs a soft groan and pushes himself into a sitting position, rubbing sleep out of his eyes and then standing to pad out into the hallway, following the scent of his mate until he reaches the nursery.

The nursery’s been finished since Dean was six months along and ever since then the young omega has been spending quite a bit of time in there, making sure everything is perfect and soaking up the atmosphere.

As Castiel comes to stand in front of the door he can smell Dean as if the other man were standing right next to him. He pushes open the door and peers inside.

"Dean?" Dean is seated in the rocker he and Castiel made together, his arms encircling his swollen belly, and moonlight cascades over his face in slits as it shines through the wooden blinds on the baby’s window.

The omega looks up and Castiel enters the room, looming in the doorway, attempting to stamp down the concern he’s certain Dean can smell rolling off of him in waves.

"Is everything alright?" Castiel knows everything is not alright, but he doesn’t want Dean to feel pressured into talking. Sometimes it takes Dean awhile to open up, even after being mated to Castiel for nearly three years.

Dean’s eyes meet Castiel’s and flick away almost immediately.

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