From the set of our shoot, Sephora PRO Artist Gilbert Soliz gives his best tips for slicking, swiping, and dabbing on the Color of the Year.

Whether it’s soft and sheer or sharp and saturated, Sephora + Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year Radiant Orchid—a perfect bouquet of fuchsia, pink, and purple shades—suits all skin tones. Embrace the modern, feminine hue on eyes, lips, and cheeks (or all three!) with these basic-to-bold tips from Sephora PRO Artist Gilbert Soliz. RENEE TRILIVAS, REPORTING BY GENEVIEVE LEON

“To create a vivid wing, glide Gazing Paint Liquid Liner from the center of lash lines toward the outer corners, angling the line slightly upward toward the temples. Tilt your head back to check for symmetry.”
BOLD: “For extra graphic pop, sketch on white eyeliner before brushing on liquid liner.”

“For a blurred effect, press on Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick with your finger. Concentrate pigment in the center, softening and spreading color to the outer edges.”
BOLD: “Control color intensity by patting on high-pigment lipstick with a lip brush: Start at the edges and work your way in. You’ll not only create a crisp, clean lip line, but you’ll build an even, saturated base.”

BASIC: “For a diffused flush, dab Ravishing Dew Cream Blush onto the apples of the cheeks, then gently buff color in a circular motion upward and outward along the cheekbones, using an angled sculpting brush.”
BOLD: “Dab excess pigment in the hollows of cheeks—layering cream blush lower in the face deepens the effect, creating a sportier, more robust glow.”



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preview: jimmy choo man parfem

Lično, obožavam kada neki brend sa reputacijom koju poštujem lansira po prvi put muški parfem. Ta fama, koncept, kampanja… sve što vodi do ključnog trenutka prvog mirisanja. I kao što je to bio slučaj sa lansiranjem muškog prvenca kuće Valentino početkom ove godine, dosta se pričalo o tome da će Jimmy Choo svoju ekspanziju u domen luksuzne muške galanterije započetu 2011. krunisati parfemom. Rezultat je uskoro pred nama. Dragi drugari iz Sephore su poslali male nagoveštaje kako će sve izgledati i evo šta njihovo press saopštenje kaže: “Jimmy Choo muškarac ima stav i samopouzdanje, očito muževan stil s istančanim smislom za detalje i buntovni smislom za humor. Jimmy Choo Man ima snažnu svežinu, isplepletanu sa drvenastim i aromatičnim tonovima. Miris otvara svežina sa umirujućim notama lavande. Esencija mandarine budi citrusne note i sve se savršeno sklapa sa voćkastim notama iz dinje. Pačuli finalizira zavodljiv temperament i zatvara jedan perfektan krug prvog Jimmy Choo Man parfema.”

Na kampanji je Kit Harington, novi holivudski “it momak” koji je istovremeno i zaštitno lice kampanje za Jimmy Choo modnu liniju.

Brow Game Strong.




Even in the midst of moving, one thing that will never change is my love for Anastasia brow products. So of course before I left to Chico for the school year, I had to make a stop at Sephora to pick up these babies. I’ve never been one for too-dark eyebrows and after being in the sun all summer, my hair’s gotten a tad lighter, therefore constituted a lighter shade of brow powder (which turned out well for my mom ‘cause her hair matches my other duo). I much prefer a more natural brow over the more bold brows I’ve seen girls rockin’. I considered getting another brow pencil to go with it but figured I could wait until the one I currently have is finished. It also might do with the fact that I can’t use my Sephora store credit in the Sephore inside JCPenny—Chico, you’re failing me real hard right now. As always, Anastasia not only gets a 10 for performance but they get fabulous marks on packaging as well. Does anyone else get a little bit excited when they see that logo? Question: What’s the best way to groom your brows between waxing & threading? I’ve heard pros and cons to both but still lean more towards threading. 


I’m currently in Reno at a sorority retreat and surrounded by some of the girls I love most. It’s been a blast so far and it’s only our first night! We’ve got an early morning tomorrow and an even longer day. Hopefully I get my room situated soon so I can put up a Room Tour video on my channel. Soon, soon, soon! 

'Til next time! x