so after Zack finishes screeching like a bat, Sephiroth reveals his plan: find Angeal before the Shinra Army does, let him go, and feed the company some line of bullshit about how they “failed to capture the target”

Sephiroth is a smart guy, especially when he’s considering his own capabilities against those of others. he has to know that there’s very little chance Shinra will believe him if he tries to tell them his target escaped. he’s Sephiroth, a one-man walking army- nothing can escape him, if he’s really trying to catch them

but he’s willing to falsify a report anyway, possibly risking a court martial or whatever passes for punishment at Shinra, because Angeal and Genesis are his friends

it is both very sweet and the definition of emotionally compromised

Access Denied.

[In which Cloud takes his job too seriously].

"Sorry, sir. I can’t let you pass."

Sephiroth only raised an eyebrow at the infantryman that was stopping him from getting through. “… Is that so?”

The infantryman nodded, either oblivious to his skepticism or ignoring it. “Yes, I was ordered not to let anyone pass under any circumstances.”

"By who?"

"Head of the Public Safety Maintenance Departmen Heidegger, sir."

Sephiroth stared, and he knew — despite the helmet — that the infantryman was staring back, not backing away an inch.

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There was one SOLDIER named Sephiroth who was better than the rest. But when he found out about the terrible experiments that made him, he began to hate Shinra. And then, over time, he began to hate everything — Shinra, and the people against them. Sephiroth, who hated the planet so much that he wanted to make it go away, and the people who tried to stop him. There were a lot of battles. For every battle, there was more sadness… And then it came - the chosen day. In the end, the planet itself had to make the battle stop for good. The planet used the lifestream as a weapon, and when it burst out of the earth.. all the fighting, all the greed and sadness.. everything was washed away. Sadness was the price to see it end.