[So I’ve been thinking about Sephiroth’s line in AC after Cloud defeats him, where he says, “I will never be a memory.”

Like, even if there’s no possible way for him to resurrect himself like he did through Kadaj or for anyone else to bring him back ever again, that last utterance of his is still going to come true.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the events of Meteorfall and those that surrounded it are going to go down in the history books.  Kids are going to be learning about this silver-haired madman and how he almost killed the Planet for literally hundreds of years.  Scholars sitting around smoking pipes in big, cushy armchairs are going to be casually debating whether or not the Huge Materia rocket would have worked after all if AVALANCHE hadn’t gotten to all four of them first, or whether the Sephiroth who summoned Meteor was, in fact, the real Sephiroth, if the SOLDIER First Class was the same being as the self-proclaimed god or if Jenova reanimated his corpse and turned him into a vessel to do her bidding, and if this differentiation between the two Sephiroths meant that the SOLDIER was excused from blame.

There are also going to be people who support Sephiroth, years down the road when the AVALANCHE members are old and dying, people who dye their hair silver and wear bright green colored contact lenses and call themselves Remnants or Avatars and actively search for a way to bring their idol back from the Lifestream so they can give him the praise and worship he deserves as a god. They are a dangerous group, causing riots and other violent demonstrations in areas of dense population like Edge and Junon with the express purpose of harming or killing people who oppose them, but as years go by, their movement either dies out completely or transcends social boundaries and becomes something of a religion.

And there are going to be people who despise the very idea of Sephiroth, a man born of human experimentation whose alien DNA made him an abomination from the very day he was born, and this group will surely call for the destruction of anything that has his name attached to it.  They will say that those who idolize need to be summarily executed, that they have no right to desire his returning again when the only thing that monster has ever wanted was the destruction of the world and the murder of every living soul who walks upon the ground.  They will advocate for the editing of school textbooks, arguing that teaching children about Sephiroth’s relative innocence before the Nibelheim Incident and his ensuing insanity is morally wrong, that learning how he was once just a normal human being would only serve to confuse them when later taught about the atrocities he committed against humanity.  They will push for the rewriting of history, and eventually, I think, they will get their wish, and the kind, caring Sephiroth we see in the first half of Crisis Core will be forgotten, replaced by a fallacious straw man character meticulously created to make the public feel only hatred for Sephiroth and Shinra and anyone who had any part in the disasters of the world.

I have about a million other headcanons about a post-Compilation of FF7 Gaia, and I’m not going to go into them all here, but the fact of the matter is that, if you think Sephiroth’s desire to live on forever while ruling the world was a foolish, unattainable yearning that died along with him, you are sadly mistaken.  Even in death, even decades after the fact, even when there are no living Meteorfall survivors anymore, Sephiroth will still be present in society, and isn’t that as good as godhood anyway?]