FAQ #6: Abortion is murder!!1

No, abortion is not murder. Murder is a very specific type of killing that has very specific criteria which abortion does not fit. Here’s a handy reference:

Anti-choicers calling abortion “murder” are doing so solely out of a place of emotional manipulation, as that assertion is not founded legal fact whatsoever. They are calling abortion “murder” in the hopes that it will make abortion seem just as horrific as the murder of sentient people when it is very different. In addition to the graphic above, only a person can be murdered. Fetuses, while human, are not legally recognised as people. While that may some day change, as of the time of writing this post, they are not. On top of that, not all killing is murder. There are many cases where people are legally permitted to kill others. Soldiers, executioners and people acting in self-defence come to mind immediately.

The category that abortion most closely fits is self-defence. Abortion is a method of exercising the legal right to bodily autonomy. The fetus is growing inside another person, using their bodily processes to sustain its own life. Regardless of how it got there, it is acting in a way similar to a parasite. No one is ever legally required to give up their body to sustain the life of another. The nonexistence of forced blood, organ and tissue donation exemplifies this, and that respect of bodily autonomy even transcends familial ties. 

In McFall vs Shimp, a man (McFall) tried to sue his cousin (Shimp), the only person found who was a bone marrow match, compel him to donate the necessary marrow to save his life, and the court found that demanding such “would defeat the sanctity of the individual and would impose a rule which would know no limits, and one could not imagine where the line would be drawn.” McFall died as a result of not receiving that bone marrow. If it were any other case where an individual were threatening the bodily autonomy of another, killing the person doing the violating would be considered self-defence rather than murder, and abortion is no different. Fetuses do not get special rights to other people’s bodies, regardless of their personhood or lack thereof. The right to one’s body is sacrosanct, and it is not possible to murder someone for violating that right.


Whatever about Gods I don’t believe in infallibility and I don’t believe that any sentient entity can ever be above being held accountable for its actions, I don’t care if it made everything.

If you truly believe a god is calling for the mistreatment of others based on their religion/gender/race/orientation/ability/neurostatus then it is your duty to oppose that god.

It is your duty to do whatever you can to strip that god of its power and authority. It is your duty to help hold that god accountable for its actions.

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What are your thoughts on having ghouls/geists/skeletons out in Alliance cities? Does the doctor's note from Mograine not grandfather in a Death Knight's undead companion(s) in cities like Stormwind? Aren't they technically members of the Ebon Blade through their bonds/servitude to their DKs and aren't many of them sentient(albeit simple)? Can I bring my ghoul out with me to be my wingman in a nice tavern?

Unlike demons, death knight minions and their place in the city have never been addressed. 

My guess is that they fall into a very small technicality that does include them as members of the Ebon Blade, but while not illegal, they probably make citizens extremely uncomfortable and are a big point of contention. Businesses (like that nice tavern) might not allow them inside, and they’re probably not allowed within any sacred areas (cathedrals, temples, etc.) If a death knight wishes to keep tension between the Ebon Blade and the general population low, they will be smart to not have their ghoul within city limits. If they don’t care, there’s no law stopping them.

But! Since necromancy is forbidden by the Alliance, raising ghouls within the cities (such as from the graveyard or from a slain criminal) is forbidden. Bringing one in from outside treads on a grey area of “we don’t know where it came from, so we’re going to let it slide”.

FIMM Interviews Cherax Destructor

Hey guys!! We managed to ask some totally SFW questions to the ever-awesome, supertalented and all around cutesy-wootsy senpai brony musician extraordinaire, Cherax Destructor!!

His music is so great and you should feel bad if you don’t take at least a listen. ù_ù
You can find all his works here:

But now lets get the interview going:

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reminder: positive and negative are relative, and it is okay to embody both. 

ps reminder: do not shame others, whether directly or indirectly, for ‘being negative’ because again, it’s relative, and we are all sentient. practice compassion instead. 

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"How many does this make?" Acid asks himself as he drags a bloodied bag out in the middle of the night. It would be one thing if it was the body of a sentient creature, but Celestia forbid anyone saw his latest failure. Still, at least this was a learning experience for him. He knew not to tempt fate with poison joke, as it's effects were far too random to be of any use. Once a good distance away from town, the stallion dumps a bottle of kerosene on the bag before lighting up a match and setting

A certain other pony in what everypony thought was an abandoned shack couldn’t help but see the stallion in the distance light something on fire. Not that there was much else to block the view from her temporary home. Naturally, curiosity got the better of her and she decided to head out and check.

Curiosity? What a weird feeling.

As she came closer and closer, she noted the bag, and especially the blood, on the ground. “Well…Guess this place really isn’t all sunshine and rainbows…”

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I dont really understand otherkin, can you explain?

hi anon!! i hope ur having a good day.

ok otherkin is essentially identifying as/with something nonhuman (or fictional). for example, i’m foxkin, as well as dragonkin and a few other fictionkintypes! i consider myself to be nonhuman. so, therefore, i’m otherkin. kintypes dont have to be “sentient” though. skykin are super extra cool and um!! dont even get me started on like starkin or spacekin because *clutches me gay heart* so perfect..

and some people have just one kintype. other people have a lot! and both are completely okay and valid. some mean people try to put “restrictions” on being otherkin but dont listen to them

now a lot of otherkin dont think that they are actually that thing, or dont think that they are that thing physically. most of them say “we still know we’re human.” thats cool and ok!! but, in my case, i say screw that noise, and i identify as entirely nonhuman. “what!” you say in shock, “but clearly you must be human!! explain this, scout!!” well, i really cant im just?? im fox not human lol thats the best i know

yea i hope that helped!! if you have more questions you can ask me, and if anyone has anything to add please go on and add it


Aah, yes! Pet ownership can be a very rewarding experience, my dear anonymous. It takes a lot of responsibility, a lot of time and care, but the benefits far outweigh these… investments. They are true companions: Coming to your side when you call; always at an arm’s reach, listening, watching, waiting for your command. They can have quite sharp minds, though nothing is quite like a sentient being’s ability to process information. They are easily trained and loyal to a fault. They can hunt. They can kill. They can even go on long-range reconnaissance missions and allow you to see and h… oh, wait. Those are just my pets.

Your pets don’t share a long-range neural connection with you. Your pets also leave… excrement… and that terrible film of… what was that again? Long, thin filaments of protein strands, yes, similar to hair but finer and far more intrusive, everywhere they go. It clogs the air circulation filters, it clogs the drain grates, it gets in my eyes and mouth and nose and stuck between the plates on my coat. Their mouths reek of death and out it dribbles, all over my pristine floors and what scrap metal is left from their destructive tendencies. So terribly, terribly primitive.

Are you aware of the horrible breeding programs the Orokin had when creating these animals? No? Why do you think you need to infuse them with DNA stabilizers so often? I’m no doctor, but that doesn’t sound very healthy to me.

My Zanuka line of robotics would offer quite an upgrade over your organic Kubrow pets, with a much longer and more stable lifespan. They are far more suited to life inside ships and lack all that… hair. Please, if you don’t wish to purchase one, do consider making a, heh, donation.

-Alad V

It’s just ridiculous how absolutely FUN this show has been this year…that was an amazing hour of TV, from the wtf of the elevator scenes and the creepy Sue puppet (that must be sentient, since Sue is on stage crying her eyes out while the boys kiss) to Sam’s actually inspiring pep talk to Spencer. And oh God, the callout to the Faberry shippers.

And I think I can say with confidence that the use of Father Figure absolutely exceeded anyone’s expectations.

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CHARLIE! I'm confined to an old rickety laptop that can't play proper games at the moment so I was wondering whether you have some recommendations for cool free online games? Your taste and mine usually align.

ANON! i do have recs lemme just crawl around in my bookmarks for a bit

no one has to die is about time travel and ~secrets~ and it has a really neat story.

cyberqueen is a text-based interactive game about navigating a sentient ship.

pandemic is a classic i guess. in case you haven’t played it yet, you are a virus/bacterium and you need to infect the whole world and kill everyone. cheery!

one chance is about, ya guessed it, you having only one chance to save the world. the gimmick is that you can actually only play the game once because it saves yr cookie.

ir/rational is basically about logical maths puzzles but without the actual maths involved. it’s way more fun than i made it sound. 

the republica times is about you running a newspaper in a dictatorship that you have to fill with propaganda as best as you can.

that’s all i have i’m sorry!! i’m not really that much into platformers but games like meat boy are worth a try if you are. hope you get to sit at a proper computer soon!!

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Another bit to pile on the Hunter's Keep issue, both the names Cynthia and Phoebe refer to Artemis- i.e. a Hunter, and the moon. Planets are implied to be sentient, and Judgements definitely are, so what if the moon is the Hunter?

The moon is kind of conspicuously absent in the lore, although I’m not sure Hunter’s Keep and the Hunter from the Seventh Letter are connected at all. On the other hand, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of the moon chasin’ space dudes down like Sinistar and then coming back home to orbit around its ol’ pal the Earth.

My nephew keeps walking into my room when weird sentient roboty songs are on…
I think hes doin it on purpose…
I think hes on to me…

My Friend Robot
Digital Love
Coin Operated Boy
Beta Love
Oh no!
A Real Hero
Still Alive
Mr Roboto…

God just leave me alone…
((most of those songs have Cyberhusbands art covers ehehe)

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The godling looked at the woman, canting his head to the side. She smelt nice, so he nudged her lightly with his snout as if asking her who she was.


What do you want? You seem sentient, even if you are just a beast…