Nuzlocke... first steps

There i was in grass up to my nipples, Bare foot with a little Bastard named dustin following me looking like this…


and for the first time i was running a errand for Prof. Elm the first of many.

SO i walk bare foot to the next town over, running into pokemon i cant catch and lvling Dustin a good bit on the way. I get to the town and as most of you know you have to follow the old man in this town while he explains most of the essential information of the game. So while this guy is running around flailing about like an idiot, Im stuck walking a snails pace hating my life, and after blabbering on about the mart and the fucking OCEAN!!!! he gives me HIS running shoes…

Yup the guys gives you HIS running shoes, not a new pair the ones off his wrinkly ass feet ((gross i know)). BUT WHAT THE FUCK EVER, YEAH RUNNING SHOES!!!

I get back to Elm and hes like “blah blah blah TOGEPI EGG” so Im like “k” and head to get it.

Now its been awhile since i played this game but i was finding it very weird that i hadn’t gotten the opportunity yet to catch other pokemon. To my surprise the next time i entered the rout between New BARK and the first town the little tutorial commenced.

"Fuck, I received 5 pokeballs" BAHAHAHA

I was up and running, I psyched myself up and entered the tall grass to catch the first wild pokemon of my nuzlocke and…


I honestly don’t know what i was expecting… but i caught it and processed with the naming. It was female and though the first name that came into my head was Nikki ((my girlfriend)) i deiced against it, she not a Sentret! so i went with Tara. Tara has been a friend of mine for my entire college career she a great person and very dependable, i named this pokemon after her in hopes that i come depend on it in the future. Beside she lives right down the street from me shell be the easiest to kill.

And thus I continued on to the next rout… good luck Tara