Petals and Stones

Discarded petals,
Floating on the surface,
They think they are not,
Strong enough to withstand this

They become stones,
To survive the tide,
But stones just sink,
Way out of sight

To see the waves,
You must stay a petal,
Pure, beautiful and flexible,
The perfect vessel

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sentences you hear a lot from anime

愛してる (aishiteru) - i love you
どうぞ (douzo) - after you
ほっといて (hottoide) - leave me be
なんだと (nandato) - what?!
元気出せ (genki daze) - cheer up!
めんどくさい (mendokusai) - troublesome
よし (yoshi) - alright
おはよう (ohayou) - good morning
やった (yatta) - we did it!
気をつけて (ki wo tsukete) - be careful
危ない (abunai) - danger
お願い (onegai) - please
ごめんあさい (gomennasai) - i’m sorry
かった (katta) - we won!

Phantom of the Opera sentences pack
  • "Think of me."
  • "Make your choice."
  • "We've past the point of no return."
  • "I've been there."
  • "But in his eyes, all the sadness in the world."
  • "He'll always be there."
  • "That's all I ask of you."
  • "Keep your hand at the level of your eye."
  • "From birth, it seemed."
  • "Can you even dare to look?"
  • "Fear can turn to love."
  • "These things do happen."
  • "Track down this murder."
  • "He must be found!"
  • "You're only saying this to please me."
  • "Touch me. Trust me."
  • "Savor each sensation."
  • "Let your darker side give in."
  • "This is mad!"
  • "What answer can I give?"
  • "Friend, or phantom?"
  • "Wildly my mind beats against you."
  • "So lost, so helpless."
  • "Look at your face in the mirror."
  • "See why in shadow I hide?"
  • "I denied you."
  • "Speak, I listen."
  • "My soul was weak, forgive me."
  • "Enter at last, master."
  • "You will have to pay the bill! Tangle in the winding sheets."
  • "My salary has not been paid."
  • "Gossip's worth its weight in gold."
  • "Where is he?!"
  • "Where is she?!"
  • "I want an answer!"
  • "I take it that you sent me this note."
  • "What's all this nonsense?"
  • "Promise never to tell!"
  • "Hide your face so the world will never find you."
  • "It's him! I know it, it's him!"
  • "Remain calm. It was an accident, simply an accident."
  • "I fought so hard to free you."
  • "Why make her lie to you to save me?"
  • "The world showed no compassion to me."
  • "I love her. Does that mean nothing?"
  • "Leave me here. Go now, don't wait."
  • "It's over now, the music of the night!"
Japanese Rude/Swear Words & Insults

ぶす (busu) - ugly
でぶ  (debu)  - fatty
貴様 (kisama)  - rude way of saying ‘you’
てめえ(temee) - another rude way of saying ‘you’

あま  (ama)  - bitch
やりまん (yariman) - slut
ばいた (baida) - whore
馬鹿  (baka)  - idiot
くそがき (kusogaki)  - unpleasant brat
嘘つき (usotsuki) - liar
弱虫 (yowamushi) - coward

うるさい (urusai) - shut up
うぜんだよ (uzendayo) - fuck off
死ね (shine) - die!

どけ (doke) - get out of the way
あほか (aho ka) - are you an idiot?
だまれこのやろう (damare konoyarou)  - shut up you bastard!
地獄へいけ (jigoku he ike) - go to hell
くそくらえ (kusokurae)  - eat shit
ふざけるな (fuzakeruna) - don’t mess with me

sentences you hear a lot from anime part 2

畜生 (chikushou) - damnit, shit!
そうかな - i wonder
すみません (sumimasen) - excuse me
買っちゃった (kacchatta) - i bought it!
まあな (maa na) - i suppose
うみだ! (umi da!) - it’s the beach! (informal speech)
まったく (mattaku) - jeez
元気だせ (genkidase) - cheer up!
ほっといて  (hottoite) - leave me alone
めんどくさい (mendokusai) - annoying
なんだと? (nandato?) - what?! 

part 1 here

Japanese Sentences: Sick/Illness

生理です。(seiri desu)
I have my period

鼻水がでます。(hanamizu ga demasu)
I have a runny nose

下痢です。(geri desu)
I have diarrhea

便びです。(benbi desu)
I am constipated

めまいがします。(memai ga shimasu)
I feel dizzy

気分がねるいです。(kibun ga nerui desu)
I don’t feel well

吐きました。 (haki mashita)
I threw up