Like most everything else, when you get new equipment, you gotta test it out before you’re sure it’ll work right.  This laptop’s monitor is considerably different than the one I had (for one thing, it stays up properly…), so I felt like I needed to do a test drawing before I dove headfirst into my Pile O’ Stuff That Has To Be Drawn (and hasn’t been because, well, laptop and broken and all that).

But practice doesn’t have to mean “not useful”.  Here’s the first of what will hopefully be a series of portraits of the Senshi.  :>


kellyraye815 replied to your post:A question, Miss Jet Wolf! When you liveblog the manga, will you be starting with Sailor V or Moon?

Is that…Sailor Moon ponies? XD

Yes! They’re handmade customs from senshiponies mastermind Leigh (ofcatsandkings)! She sent them to me for my birthday. They’re absolutely fantastic, I adore them. Even if I can’t quite get Rei and Usagi’s bangs to lie flat.


Rei Pony, with hair that is INFINITE. (It’s a really lovely super dark purple; the flash caught the highlights pretty well)


Minako Pony, whose hair is FLAWLESS ALWAYS, because of course it is.


And Usagisus, who not only has two hair odango, but also a tail odango, and that is fantastic.


Together they protect me from Demon Plushie Luna!

(Though Usagisus looks kind of surprised to learn that there’s a Demon Plushie Luna right behind her.)

"Don’t be frightened, my dear… these are friends."

Baby!Serenity meets her (somewhat older) Senshi for the first time.

I’ve been pretty stuck on Silver Millennium stuff lately.  I have a pretty monstrous AU in the works that involves a lot of headcanon-y SilMil shit, and since that was on the brain…

(There’s a version of this where the Senshi are wearing clothes similar to the ones in said AU, if you’re curious.)

(also no shading for now because I’ve been taking care of my sick fiancee all day and I’m tiiiired)

EDIT: Also btw the cutie marks are just their respective elements because uncreative tonight.