BSOCT - Audition P10 by Broeckchen

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So I really, really love this page. What a lovely note to end on, huh? I’m just really proud of it.

And with this, my audition comes to a close. BSOCT still accepts new participants until October 1st, so maybe consider joining?

Now on to even more OCT work! *cracks knuckles* òuo But for other projects, hehe.

This is also the last appearance of jestershark's Darren and Simon for a while. Buhbye, boys! I'm gonna miss ya.

But parzifalsjudgment's The Anomaly will stick around. I mean look how tight he holds her, it doesn't look like he'd enjoy letting go anytime soon, eh?

Let’s hope that I can soon entertain you guys with a Round One comic.

Maneki Luna by Megan Lara

Grab the shirt on redbubble or teepublic (cheapest option!), print or sticker!

I wanted to draw Luna as a “lucky cat.”  I just picked the Sailor Moon imagery that made the best composition to go around, because there is SOOOOO much fun stuff to draw in the SM universe.  Sparkles and stars and hearts, oh my!  This was super fun—hope you dig it.