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Midorima's girlfriend losing her memories after an accident.

Happy Halloween guys!~ Nothing’s scarier than my writing.

Everyday Midorima would blow off walking home with his team after practice. His teammates wanted to know what dark secret the green-haired megane was hiding. Was he doing extra practices outside the school? Was he actually embarrassed to be seen with them?!!!

This couldn’t do.

Whatever it was, his teammates were curious.

Lead by Takao, Shuutoku’s basketball team rallied up and followed him stealthily around.

First, he had gone to a flower shop. He bought a bouquet of white carnations and what Takao assumed were forget-me-nots.

Shin-chan had a date~~!

The sly guy didn’t even tell them.

“Not telling his senpais, I’ll run him over!”

They followed him and followed him. He passed shops, cafes and all places where couples usually would meet.

Where was he heading?

The he suddenly entered a building.

They ran from the corner and towards where Midorima had gone. To their surprise, it was a hospital.

Was he dating a nurse?! No way, he was definitely in over his head!

They kept on tailing him, until they saw him enter a room and close the door. Crap. It was a patient’s room. Ugh. Maybe he was just here to visit a relative of some sorts. They had all agreed that it was probably the case.

But Takao was still a bit… unsure.

He put his ear to the door and listened. “Oi, what are you doing?”, someone had whispered it, but after a while everyone had joined in on the eavesdropping.

“Midorima-kun, you come here every day.” You were on the bed with this green-haired guy standing and handing you flowers. You were flattered, but still confused.

He came here every day and brought flowers. Even before you had woken up, your mom had told you—along with the nurses—that he visited every day after your accident.

It was sweet of him, so when you had told him that you couldn’t recall who he was… he was devastated.

He always came with pictures of you two since then. Lucky items or whatever he’d called it were all scattered around your room. It’s not that you couldn’t believe that he was your boyfriend. It was just…

You didn’t remember.

No matter what he did, you couldn’t seem to remember him at all. How could you forget such a thoughtful person? How could you forget a guy with green-hair? How could you forget such an important person?

How could you forget about him?

“_____, I have brought you your lucky item.” He held onto his bag and pulled a small colourful paper bag out.

How could you do this to him? This was pure torture.


“Hmm? What is it ____?” They guy was so attentive, for crying out loud! How could you forget him?

“I… think you should stop this.”

He stared at you blankly, his face slowly scrunching to distaste. Were you giving up on remembering him?

“This… all this… I can’t… Even with everything you’ve done… I can’t even remember you!” Both those inside and outside the room were sombre.

His teammates were all thinking the same thing.

They shouldn’t have intruded on something so personal.

“The truth is… I can’t remember anything at all about you, about school! I don’t want you to cling on to me… Someone who can’t even remember who you are! Someone who lost all their memories of you! Am I really the person you want to be with?! Is this really how you’ve seen spending your days?! Visiting some sick girl?” You started crying and he didn’t really know what to do.

“Please Midorima-kun.”

So he opened the door and his teammates stumbled and stuttered excuses to why they were they. Midorima ignored them or rather he didn’t pay them any attention at all and left.

A few hours and you saw that he’d left the paper bag on your table. You reached out grabbed it and opened its contents.

Inside it was just a small square envelope.

You opened it and saw a one photo.

It was a photo of him running after Kuroko when the blue-haired guy had taken his conch shell. You were there at the background laughing with a few classmates. It was taken in Teiko. You went to middle school with him!

Your eyes widened.

You hadn’t remembered everything, but every little step mattered. Every little step counted. You started crying. You were so glad you had tiny bits and pieces of memories returning, but all you could think about was what you had said to him.

How could you say those things to him?

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Why do people idolize you?

You know what, I thought about this for a long time and it was really difficult for me to put together an answer. Like, extremely difficult.

From what I’ve gathered, I represent something that is important to certain people—whether it has something to do with their beliefs and personal struggles, or for shallow reasons. And I’m not saying one way is better than the other. It’s great to feel inspired by others; It’s great to not feel alone; And it’s great to just have a “cosplay senpai” or fitsporation. But generally I don’t encourage idolising others because that sometimes gets out of hand and no one belongs on a pedestal.

I also thought for a while about the sort of admiration (not necessarily idolisation) I receive from others and what they mean to me. It’s really awesome to receive messages about how much I inspire others to cosplay or better their health, but I am most moved by the individuals (specifically gay youth) who have had their lives altered or saved simply because I exist and am who I am. That is mind-blowing to hear from complete strangers. So many kids have killed themselves because they felt utterly alone and I helped prevent this for some by just being open about who I am? I’ve teared up reading some of these messages. I started this blog out of boredom and for video games. I did not expect to have that much impact on anyone, ever.

I will never understand all the reasons why someone might think that highly of me—I will always be the first person to ask “y???”—but whatever they are I hope they’re positive.

And on the off chance you asked this question to be rude because you absolutely do not see what the big deal is, my answer remains exactly the same.


Dear Anonymous,


Umm… It is pretty red in this room… It’s biting in my eyes…


Ah, Konishi-senpai? I think they are really asking you about the after-life…




Umm, well… That’s not really something you can talk about. It’s too different from everything else. It’s, pretty much… the opposite of living? I can’t explain it well…


Are you… doing well, though?


Hm…? Oh, yeah. There’s nothing bad about being there, really. I’m at peace. There’s really no way you can suffer in that place… It’s just like… “Eternity”. Nothing really moves. But it isn’t a bad feeling, you know?


…I see… That’s good…




That’s just really… good to know…

~Saki Konishi

~The Bloodstained Eirween

~John The Terrifying 

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I keep seeing stuff saying Rin would totally name his daughter "Sakura" or something romantic. So guys and gou, what names would you like for your kids?

Aiichirou: That’s so cute Rin-senpai!

Nagisa: Who knew Rin-chan had a soft side? xD

Rin: S-Shut it you two…

Sousuke: Rin’s always liked cherry blossoms. *laughs* Well… Arata or Akira sounds nice.

Makoto: I would let my partner choose the name! It would have more meaning that way ^^

Rei: All names have a beautiful meaning, so I would wait until the child is born. Then we could think about it together!

Seijuro & Momotarou: Gou-(kun/san)! What do you want to name our child?!

Gou: E-Eh?

Rin: You two! Stay away from Gou!!!

Haruka: … Mizu.

Nagisa: At least it wasn’t mackerel ^^;

~ Iwatobi Swim Club (●⌒∇⌒●) & Samezuka Academy Swim Club (⌒▽⌒)

((NB: “Mizu” = water, “Arata” = new/fresh, “Akira” = bright/clear.))