commanderbolo asked:

"When was the last time you ate?"

Levi actually has to think about this. “Ummmm… This morning, I think?” As if on cue, his stomach starts to rumble loudly, not unlike a monsterAnd Levi gives up. “the food they give to students is shit anyway. I bet you religious figures have better stuff to eat.”

b-tandoodlez asked:

OH MY GOSH SENPAAAAAAAAI WAAAAAH!! Thank you so much for the folloooow! I am so flattered and I am just super happy now. *HUGS YOU* You made my day and waaah I don't know what to say. <3 <3 XD

>/////////////< You don’t need to thank me >/////< Your blog is awesome and your art too >/////< you’re just so kind and sweet ;A; thank you for all your sweet message  ;A;

akai-anna asked:

*rolls into inbox* Senpaaaaaaaai. *gently rolls on senpai* Don't feel sad. *rubs cheeks* I gave Yato-sama 50 yen to help you. *snuggles* Try to cheer up. *pats head*

Your wish has been heard loud and clear

Thanks Anna-chan. Last night was rough but I’m doing better. I got presents from little kids at work today and that always makes me happy