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Top Decks of the Week

This week on top constructed decks.. Hunters! Check out this past week’s top decks below. Did you play any of these?

Gfinity Spring Masters II Decklists

The Gfinity Hearthstone Spring Masters concluded earlier today and we’ve got decklists from the event! For results and more information about the event, head on over to our survival guide.

Theorycraft Spotlight: Midrange Dragon Rogue

Allstar997 has theorycrafted a Dragon Midrange Rogue deck and it looks interesting!

Quote from allstar997

The idea here is to consistently enable the two Blackwing cards. While this is obviously not anything groundbreaking, I’ve noticed that a lot of other theorycraft decks use a miniature dragon package that only includes 1 Blackwing Corruptor and sometimes doesn’t even play Blackwing Technician. I feel that both of these cards are so strong that its worth committing to them fully. Plus, rogue already wants to play Azure Drake for the draw/spell damage and the hero power lends itself nicely to dealing with the drawback of Hungry Dragon.

Read the rest in the deck guide!

The deck is not currently playable due to the fact that Chromaggus, Blackwing Corruptor, Hungry Dragon, and Volcanic Drake are not yet available for another couple of weeks, but we’ll soon be able to check it out.

Check out the deck below and read up the full write-up over on the deck guide. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the deck in the comments!

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Top Decks of the Week

It’s Sunday and that means we’re taking a look at the top decks of the past week here on HearthPwn. Quite a healthy bit of class distribution this time around with Shaman being the only class not making the top cut.

Blackrock Mountain Boss Design

Philip Kollar of Polygon got a chance to sit down with Hearthstone Senior Game Designer, Ben Brode, to discuss the design around bosses in Blackrock Mountain. The interview went over the bosses we saw in Wing #4 - Blackwing Lair. We’ve recapped their interview below, check out the full interview.

  • The team wanted to do Molten Core initially, but there weren’t enough bosses.
    • They settled on the surrounding area, Blackrock Mountain.
    • “What if we mixes it up and did a greatest hits?”
  • First part of the design was to go do dungeons in World of Warcraft.
    • They wanted to find out what was most memorable and cool about each fight.
    • The art team took screenshots of the raids to figure out what to do for the game board.
  • The Razorgore fight was the hardest to design.
    • An initial version replaced your hero power with one which controlled Razorgore, so you’d fill his side with eggs and win as Razorgore.
    • Another version involved playing as both your hero and Razorgore.
  • Ben looks at fights from two different ways:
    • Top-down Design - Replicate a boss to feel just like the WoW fight.
    • Bottom-up Design - Start from scratch with a boss because the WoW version isn’t interesting (Drakkisath).
    • The best case of design is when you get a top-down fight that feels like bottom-up.
  • Vaelastrasz: “You just felt like you were super powerful.”
    • It is quite similar to the WoW fight, just instead of regaining main/energy you get cards.
  • Ben wanted to do something with cards that triggered when they were in your hand. This fit Chromaggus.
    • This design isn’t present in Hearthstone, having to choose between spending your mana to “dispel” yourself, or play your own cards.
    • The design team is watching community feedback on Chromaggus - should they do it again.
    • One version of Chromaggus used cards which gave you debuffs instead of giving him buffs.
    • Another version of the fight gave the player the Mutation Hero Power.
  • The Nefarian fight had a unique aspect where you might not want to play with a certain class because they had too good of spells.
  • Fights in adventures don’t have to be 100% exact to WoW lore.

Versus Series - Meta vs Aquablad

Jotto’s back with another episode of Versus Series. Today, Meta takes on Aquadblad in a best of three series using the conquest format. Check out the matches below, along with their decklists!

Versus Series

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Meta’s Decks

Aquablad’s Decks

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Top Decks of the Week

Here are the top decks of last week! Should be interesting to see next week’s set which will be the first full week with the new BRM cards.

Weekly Design Competition #15 - The Sound of Silence

Our fifteenth card design competition, The Sound of Silence, is well underway! The competition this week revolves around creating a card with Silence in the card text. Examples of real cards with this attribute include Ironbeak Owl, Mass Dispel, and Wailing Soul.

Winners get bragging rights, and a fancy avatar border on the site, so what are you waiting for? Go submit your card today! If you’d like to discuss this week’s entries, head on over to the discussion thread. The contest is over on Wednesday, so get those entries in!

Hidden Laboratory Heroic Boss Guides

The last wing of Blackrock Mountain, Hidden Laboratory, came out last week. If you’re having trouble with Heroic difficulty, there are plenty of awesome deck guides created by the community to help you get through it! You can find them in our Week 5 deck roundup, or by clicking the banner below.

If you’re looking for decks to complete the other bosses of Blackrock Mountain, we’ve got those too!



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