TW for teeth stuff!!

YAAAAAAAAAY progress with my teeth!!! Today I got two of my wisdom teeth extracted, one of which was prone to infections so SEE YA, SUCKAAAA. I decided to do two at a time because I didn’t know what to expect and I tend to have some difficulties with this kind of thing etc etc. Now that i’ve lived through it, I wish I had gotten all of them done at once. But oh well! I’ll get the next two extracted ASAP. 

It was a very very good experience! First of all, a lot needs to be said for the dental office I’m going to. They’re called Green Apple and they are like a dental office/spa. Hahah. They give you, like, wax hand treatments and shit, and aromatherapy where they rubbed chamomile oil on my temples to help me relax, and just ugh BALLER.

Secondly, my dentist is AMAZING. I can tell by looking at her eyes that she cares so much and is so kind. Her name is Dr. McNaughton and I recommend her to anyone and everyone. I told her that I know the shots are the most painful part and I’m scared of needles, so she was really sweet. She put topical ointment on my gums first, then she put pressure on my gums because she said it would distract my nerves from the pinch of the needle, and then she gave me like 3 or 4 shots of Novocaine and I DIDN’T FEEL ANY PAIN AT ALL. NO PAIN. FROM SHOTS. NEEDLES IN MY GUMS. NO PAIN.

Anyway, the top one came out really easy and quickly!! The second one was a hassle, she really had to mess with it quite a lot and then she had to crack it into pieces and take the pieces out. She couldn’t get a piece of the root out, so that's still in there and she said it’ll be fine. It’ll either stay in there or eventually come out on its own.

I fucking love that dental office and I’m so glad I found them, this dental stuff is such a big deal to me and so scary but they make it almost pleasant. I doubt I’ll ever find a better place to get dental work done.

I am not afraid at ALL of the next three extractions I need done, I know it’ll be just fine and not scary at all!!

There’s one downside, and that’s that my dentist told me that I am a very strong candidate for dry socket, so I need to be very careful. I’m gonna have to lay off the weed for a while, which makes me a little nervous. Weed is how I handle my depression and anxiety since I can’t afford any psychiatric care. Buuuut I definitely gotta take care of my teeth right now so I will just have to do without for a while!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get grumpy as recovery goes on, but for right now I am just feeling really good about this and I’m SO happy that I’ve taken the first step to fixing my mouth. Hopefully it’ll all be over by the time my birthday comes around.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the donations. It’s taken a while to get started but now that I’ve gotten the first bit of work done, I am almost brought to tears by how grateful I am. I would not be able to do this without each and every person who signal boosted or donated to help me get my teeth fixed. There simply aren’t powerful enough words for me to thank everyone as much as I want to.

I am so HAPPY!

Oh, and as for dollas: So far I’ve spent $99 on the Green Apple membership, which enables me to get a very good discount on all the work I need done, $270 on these teeth getting pulled, and $16.98 on the Hydrocodone. Keeping track of everything!!

I am absolutely blown away with the amount of money that people have donated to help me with my teeth. The donation page has only been up for a day and people have already donated $800. I’m starting to feel like it’s actually possible for me to fix my teeth and I’m speechless.

I have no idea how to say thank you because absolutely everything seems inadequate. From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Rockin’ the puffy look!!

Just got three more teeth pulled: the other two wisdom teeth, and the tooth that needed a root canal (couldn’t afford the root canal so I got it extracted). It was NOT easy or pleasant like last time, lol. All three teeth were assholes about it, all of them required the drill… I was so scared that I couldn’t stop shaking and my shaking got worse and worse until the whole chair was trembling with me, and that’s when they stopped and decided to put me under nitrous oxide (woo! second time in my life a dentist has had to do that because of shaking/panic attacks! lol). It took SO LONG to get the teeth out, there was so much snapping and cracking, and ughhh the drill smells HORRIBLE!!

And then when they got the top wisdom tooth out, they discovered that the root went right up to my sinuses so my sinuses were exposed. They filled the hole with collagen and sewed it up, and now I have to take penicillin and sudafed along with the pain killer.

They gave me Tylenol 3 this time, since I am clearly very allergic to hydrocodone. I hope it works well enough for me and I don’t find that I’m allergic to this one too!

I have a feeling healing is gonna be positively awfullllll. But the really cool part is that now virtually all of my pain will be gone, once I am healed!! My wisdom teeth and that problem tooth were creating 90% of the pain and they will be GONE!!!!!!! Now I will only have some light cavity pain which will feel like nothing after what I’ve been living with for the past year. I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo, here we go!

I scheduled my first dentist appointment for next Wednesday. I’ll be getting my top and bottom right wisdom teeth extracted. I’m preeeetty excited, no lie! I can’t wait until this is all over, I don’t even remember what it’s like to not be in pain and to not take painkillers all the time, and to be able to eat anything I want and to not have to chew carefully, and OH REMEMBER CHOCOLATE???? Soon it will alllllllllll be mine….

Anyway, financial info… the total amount of donations after gofundme and wepay took their percentage, was $2,495.73. The dentist office charges $99 for the membership, which discounts the rest of the work I need done a great amount, and then they charged me for half the appointment over the phone which was… I believe $135, but my bank account hasn’t updated yet so I’m not exact on that. Anyway, when I go to the appointment I’ll have to pay the other half.

It’ll cost a little more to have my left side done because one of my left wisdom teeth needs a “partial bony” extraction. But that’s next, then I’m going to extract the root canal tooth. I’m not sure if it’ll still need gum surgery if it’s getting extracted instead of root canal-ed, but I’m hoping not. 

I never thought I’d say this but man I am SO excited to have my teeth pulled, hahaha.

Wow this whole wisdom teeth thing sucks. The pain killers are making me feel horrible and I couldn’t stop puking when I was taking them, so I stopped taking them and now I’m just rolling around in pain. Awwwesommmme.

Went to the dentist this morning for a followup since I’ve been experiencing some weird shit (do you even realize how weird it is to be able to BREATHE THROUGH AN EXTRACTION HOLE?)

They numbed me, stuffed some collagen back up into the hole, sewed it closed, sent me along my way with some more pain killers.

I know the pain killers can make me nauseous but at this point I wonder if the stuff they numb me with does too because yeesh. I was supposed to go to a Planned Parenthood appointment a few hours after my dentist appointment but by the time it came around I was so sick that I couldn’t move, I could barely muster up the ability to call and reschedule for tomorrow. Then I went to bed. Woke up and now I’m in such an extreme fucking amount of pain that I can barely move or speak.

I am so miserable, dude, I don’t even have words for this. I hate my life. lol.

But they said the bottom wounds are healing nicely and are about 75% healed. The top one is a pain in the ass. Since the sinuses are exposed, I literally have to wait for bone to grow between the sinuses and the gums, lol. That’ll be a few weeks. Hurrah…

These fun itchy ugly rashes on my legs tell me that yes I am indeed allergic to the pain killers given to me for my dental stuff


Definitely definitely definitely not taking these anymore but jesus christ WILL THE RASHES PLEASE GO AWAY SO THAT I CAN WEAR SHORTS AND SKIRTS IN THIS AMAZING SUNNY WEATHER???

yeah i’m posting in public about rashes on my body, what of it

Goddammit it is JUST so TYPICAL of my life that I, a person with almost no allergies, would have an allergy to something that relieves my tooth pain.

TYPICAL. Someone could get famous if they decided to predict my future because all they’d have to say is “EVERYTHING WILL GO WRONG” and they’d be right and they’d get rich and famous.

anonymous asked:

Rem, let us donate for you. You have tons of followers that I bet would be willing to chip in. You're an amazing person and I need you to stop being in pain asap!

I’m considering it. Normally I would never accept donations but I honestly don’t know what to do. I have no way of paying for this unless I go into credit card debt, and that’s assuming I could even get a credit card.

Teeth update.

I was right about healing being fucking awful. It is. This is soooo bad. I’ve been basically bed ridden for the past 3 days and I SHOULD be bed ridden today but I have to go to work and I can’t afford to call out because I called out yesterday. I’m in an incredible amount of pain and my pain killers are too weak to take care of it completely, and I’m allergic to the strong stuff, and I’m almost OUT of the weak stuff. One of my stitches has come loose and it hurts and is extremely irritating. I keep getting horribly nauseous (but luckily have only thrown up once). And the worst worst part is that I think my upper extraction wound is infected and every few minutes it oozes fucking disgusting pus onto my tongue and makes me want to spew vomit everywhere. Oh, and I’m incredibly tired all the time and I’m on so many pills that I can barely keep up with them all.

This is miserable, this is worse than any of the tooth problems I’ve had in the past year. I hate everything. I literally am full of nothing but complaints. Last time I got teeth extracted, my biggest complaint was that I couldn’t smoke weed. I can’t even THINK about that right now, I am so consumed by the plethora of physical maladies I’m dealing with.


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It's been a while since we've had any updates on your teeth and the funds that were given. What have you had done? Do you have any proof of how you've spent the money on your teeth to calm some people down?

I haven’t spent any of the money yet, I haven’t even pulled it out of the account. I’ve had to wait until I was done taking Penicillin for the infections, which I am now and I decided about 2 days ago to pull the money and start making appointments, but I haven’t had a chance to do so yet. I will update when I have updates!

anonymous asked:

how are your teeth rem? have you gotten anything fixed yet? :)

Not yet, I have to fight the infection first. Once the infections are gone, I can tackle the formerly infected teeth. But for now, I’m still on Penicillin and I’m supposed to take it until the bottle runs out.

Donations are at $2,340 out of the $4,500 I need and they’re kind of at a standstill. If I don’t come up with the full 4k then I will need to extract my lovely molar rather than saving it with a root canal. I really want to save it though! So while I take the Penicillin I’m just seeing how much money I can come up with and deciding whether or not to go with the root canal or just get it extracted.

Thanks for checking in on me :)

corpuscallosum4u replied to your post: I got an exam at a dentist office today My mouth…

What did they say was wrong with it? Im curious because I always thought we had similar facial structure (used to watch your YouTube videos) and I just started the process of fixing my mouth.

It’s not really because of my facial structure, it’s from not having health insurance and not being able to take care of my teeth so they’ve been getting worse and worse over the past 5 years. I have two infections, one in a lower left molar and one in an upper right wisdom tooth. Those need to be taken care of ASAP because they’ve been there for a long time and could go into my bloodstream any day now. I need all 4 wisdom teeth surgically extracted and one of them will have to be dug out of the bone. I need one root canal, and the damage there is so bad that they will have to do some surgery and remove part of my gums. I need a deep cleaning, which I will have to be numbed for because my pain levels are so high that I could barely tolerate her running a sharp pokey thing over the outsides of my teeth. Aaand then I have about 6 cavities that need filling.

So much work has to be done that it fills an entire sheet of paper and the total amount, at this CHEAP dentist, is thousands of dollars. I came home crying. lol. All I have is a couple hundred dollars. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Even using all the low income clinics and resources I can, this is still way beyond what I can afford and I have been living in excruciating pain for months and I can’t take it anymore.

mandaehxandoh replied to your post: Went to the dentist this morning for a followup…

ohmigOSH~ like the hole reached into your nasal cavity!? did it have anything to do with how long you had your wisdoms in?

No, it’s just because my root went all the way up to my sinuses (actually i dont know if thats from how long they were in or not)! And then the collagen they put in there kind of… went away, and the stitches came loose, so it was just a hole all the way up to my nose LOL. It was the weirdest feeling in the whole world, soooo strange.

whatafeministlookslike asked:

If it's Vicodin or a similar pain killer, don't take too many! It may seem tempting but I PROMISE puking all night will make you feel so much worse... :/ Hope you feel better soon.

Oh for sure. I was on Vicodin the first time around but discovered I’m allergic to it - It had me puking over and over and over again, and then I started breaking out into ugly rashes, it was awful hahah. So this time they have me on codeine. I only take it when the pain is really bad… which unfortunately is a lot, so sometimes I have to do a bit of puking. And you’re right, it makes it so much worse hahah. Thank you :)

nooriginalcontent replied to your link: Signal Boost or Donate

When do you need the money by, Rem? I will probably be able to help out, but it wouldnt be until the end of next week.

There’s no deadline, just as soon as I have money I’ll be able to get stuff done. As soon as possible is preferred but I’m willing to bet this whole process will take a while. I can’t do anything until the infection is gone, which will take about 10 days. Then, after that, I have a couple hundred dollars so if I can find a place that will extract my wisdom tooth for cheap then I can go ahead and get the problem wisdom tooth extracted. From there I have to tackle the root canal tooth - which I will either fix or extract based on how much money I have when I get to it.