So I’ve been doing a thing, to help myself with character development for this project I’m working on, every day I draw a new characters face ten times along with all the characters that I’ve been drawing in the days preceding that…it makes sense, probably? 

Anyway, this is the first batch, if you feel like working out which character is which their names in order of addition to the pages are: Moe Bradley, Vince Bradley, Danny, Rose Mason, Arren Caige, Wasp, Wren, Grandma B., and Wyatt.

More to follow! :)  


You may remember this as the first of many sketch a day pieces I did over the last three months. After a certain amount of struggling with the printer and with a tiny (but adorable) lightbox, I managed to ink and colour it. The idea of doing all of them without figuring out an easier way to get through the process is a little daunting though, I may just choose some favourites and be done with it. I’m already more exciting by new projects that are in the works so forgive me if I don’t get round to each and every one of these! :)

PS. I’m currently in the process of updating my tumblr page with links to things like my etsy shop, my website and my twitter for anyone who is interested, please drop by and check it out!