notice me sempei(true story)

i was walking to my classroom  when i heard somebody call my name. I turned aaround and saw my cute math teacher running towards me i opened my mouth and said Mr. Booty-chan what are you suppost to be blah blah balh and then he said glen coco-chan theres somthing i need to tell you.ilooked him in the eye…he only had one eye he had his blue eyepatch today that matched his bootyful shoolaces. i have to tell you something i have somthing to tell you i need to tell you something its rlly inportant to tel you

i ate your fries

i listened in shock, tears started streaming down my soft crimson cheecks, i angrily said I trusted you, i loved those fries more than anything in my life, not including you You knew how much I wwanted those fries, and I trusted you with them So donT EXPECT ME TO EVER FORGIVE YOU, THIS TIME IS FOREAL, YOU CANT JUST FORGET ALL YOU DO TO MY BY MAKING SWEET SWEET LOVE TO ME EVERY NIGHT.He looked suprised then then shushed me. Dont let anyone hear about our affars together pleas geln coco.  You always do this too me booty chan and i am sick of it i love you mare htan you think i do and its drving me nuts how you always put your hand over vigina brohte-chan it makes me think you love him more than you ever loved me to begin with