ChaoticFenrir's beautiful werewolf OC, Seluna! I think I made her a wee bit too girly looking and I'm not sure how I feel about the ears/tail, but I'm sort of happy with this otherwise.

After I’d shaded the clothes I decided they looked boring and that I should splatter blood all over them, but my brushes weren’t cooperating so I sorta gave up trying to make it look realistic… xD and lol@my backgrounds

She was lovely to draw though. <3

Frisky Seluna (continued from an ask)

ohsocutenya said: Seluna giggled a bit, kissing him on the cheek gently for a moment. “We haven’t even done something like that since the hospital scare, have we..? We should probably try out that protection thing, just to see how we like it… Shall we~?”

"No, we haven’t," Lewis admits. "Though that did shake us up rather a lot, didn’t it?" He shakes his head, kissing her. "And we should, shouldn’t we? Empirical evidence and all that…" He grins. "After you, my dear lady."

lunaticfangs asked:

- Bird themed sweets is the gift for Hattie, of course; a box full of chocolate, candies and cookies shaped like lovely birds is what the werewolf gives her friend. -

Gods, such a rich and wonderful gift!  Hattie is blown away by the generosity of her friend.  Yes sir she is going to enjoy these fine treats with great gusto.

"Seluna!  Thank you so much!  Happy Valentines day to you sweetheart!"