ChaoticFenrir's beautiful werewolf OC, Seluna! I think I made her a wee bit too girly looking and I'm not sure how I feel about the ears/tail, but I'm sort of happy with this otherwise.

After I’d shaded the clothes I decided they looked boring and that I should splatter blood all over them, but my brushes weren’t cooperating so I sorta gave up trying to make it look realistic… xD and lol@my backgrounds

She was lovely to draw though. <3

Frisky Seluna (continued from an ask)


said: Seluna giggled a bit, kissing him on the cheek gently for a moment. “We haven’t even done something like that since the hospital scare, have we..? We should probably try out that protection thing, just to see how we like it… Shall we~?”

"No, we haven’t," Lewis admits. "Though that did shake us up rather a lot, didn’t it?" He shakes his head, kissing her. "And we should, shouldn’t we? Empirical evidence and all that…" He grins. "After you, my dear lady."

Appreciation Time (Modern Canonverse)


lunaticfangs / rubrumumbra :Can I say how much I enjoy interacting with your muses?You have awesome threads and you know who your characters are inside and out. I ALSO got into Ghost Trick because of Ruby (all your fault <3) Ihave a soft spot for Seluna, I hope she and Eoal can become good friends and continue to bond over nature-y shaman-y stuffs.  Also, you are a FAN-tastic artist.

notinitfortheglory/ bloodthirstyandnarcissistic SHAY OMG You are like one of my first friends here. I love how you’ve created this entire world for your little muse and her ‘friends’ And your interactions with acreepyworldwelivein are so GOOD.I have to say I’ve stalked some of your threads. That and I enjoy talking to you and spazz about random things.

vausskyliner/ serzhantkovalev :WHY MUST YOU HAVE ALL THE ADORABLE (bara) MEN? j/k Your world of Skyliner is simply amazing I guess that’s why I pelt you with endless questions because I’m just so darn curious. Believe me, when your comic hits the market, I will be one of the first people to buy it. I have enjoyed seeing how Vaus has evolved as a character and look forward to how he changes more.

turntechgodtits/ transientgallant
You guys are all awesome. Just gonna say it. I always have fun when I interact with you and hope to get to know your muses better over the next year. There have been several occasions when I see posts on my dash from one of you that either make me smile, or burst out laughing.

breathofsulfurI miss you guys. You made my first year, when I was first starting quite awesome. I hope you’re both doing well and I hope to see you guys soon.

lunaticfangs asked:

// seluhattie because yes

Oooooooh ♥

Who kills the bugs - Seluna
Who hogs the sheets - Hattie
Who hates mornings - Seluna
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee - Seluna (don’t poke the craky werewolf, Hattie)
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law - Seluna (I get the impression Hattie would admire Seluna’s mom)
Who drives - Hattie
Who gets horny in awkward public places - Hattie
Who had a scene phase - Hattie
Who wore braces - Hattie
Who got bullied. - Hattie and Seluna (for different reasons)
Who collects ceramic elephants. - ….Seluna, I guess?

ah! Seluna is evolving! she is a Mightyena now!

and she is credit to team because of her knowing fire fang all this time, she never leaves my party.

i would brush her so she would have a curl on her head, or at least her tail.

lunaticfangs asked:

21, 22, 23

21. What are your character’s manners like? What is their type of hero? Whom do they hate?

Eoalande is quite polite, always addressing those she’s familiar with as Miss or Mister.

Her type of hero? She suffers from DiD syndrome. (Damsel in Distress) So she loves the handsome prince type of hero.

She hates (in no particular order), The Ordo, Septos, Fye, Corce, and Eileen.

22. Who are their friends? Lovers? ‘Type’ or ‘ideal’ partner?

Her best friend was a woman called Mouse. Followed by Pidge and Sparrow Dusker. But now she has more acquaintances than friends. She counts Sharna, Seluna, Ruby, and Vaus among those few friends.

As far as lovers go, Eoalande’s only had Neri.

Her type is someone who harbors a secret she can crack, but she’s a sucker for men with facial hair. She also adores people who had kind hearts despite a harsh exterior.

23. What do they want from a partner? What do they think and feel of sex?

She wants to be loved. However she wants someone who she could spoil with affection.

Regarding sex, eoal’s shy about talking about it…but she does enjoy it. A lot.

Hey everyone! As you know, this blog has been very dormant for a long time. This is because my muse here has been weak, but their presence is important. So how do we fix this problem? REPLAY +!

My friend Reenie is semi-rebooting these muses! What does this mean for my blog? Well, it boils down to two things:

  • Everything bad that happened in their past (aka past threads) should be considered now in “broad strokes” terms. Essentially, yes, there was bad stuff with some nutcases most likely (since Reenie still has some of that as their new backstory), but the specifics are probably no longer valid, so don’t worry about having to catch up. This is basically a fresh start!
  • Seluna and Lewis having a kid has been officially retconned out. The kid only appeared in like one thread, I think, and neither of us can remember the name, so I don’t think this should have a major impact on our lives.

As she states in the post, Amber’s still with Victor and Seluna with Lewis — they’re just getting a new lease on life, so to speak. Enjoy the new adventures with Mew 2.0!