Frisky Seluna (continued from an ask)


said: Seluna giggled a bit, kissing him on the cheek gently for a moment. “We haven’t even done something like that since the hospital scare, have we..? We should probably try out that protection thing, just to see how we like it… Shall we~?”

"No, we haven’t," Lewis admits. "Though that did shake us up rather a lot, didn’t it?" He shakes his head, kissing her. "And we should, shouldn’t we? Empirical evidence and all that…" He grins. "After you, my dear lady."

True to his word, Red’s gone back out here to look for Crimson yet again. Only this time he’s more prepared, carrying a walkie talkie that Boris had insisted on. Contrary to previous strategy, they had to split up. Something to do with contact from Seluna. But if she’s out here, then that would offer something of an explanation for the state they found Crimson in previously. She was a werewolf, and if that’s what Crimson is, then maybe a fight was inevitable. Regardless, he’s sure he’ll hear news sooner or later and finding Crimson again is top priority.

So he’d headed back out to where he was the day previously, following that old trail and this time, carefully, moving in the direction the beast had fled with his hands secure in the pockets of a jacket. It might be a little warm but all the pockets had been so damn necessary.

A Very Special Favor (w/lunaticfangs)

"Calm down Twitch, your hands are shaking…" Eoalande was brought out of her dazed state by her husband’s voice.
“I can’t help it!” She replied, “this is a very big deal for us and for her if she agrees to it.” She adjusted the chairs around the table. “Plus the cafe opens next week!” She ruffled her hands through her hair and meeped softly when she felt Neri’s finger touch her lips.
“Eoalande…” He said, “it will be fine. From what you tell me this Seluna is a trustworthy girl. I’m sure she’ll be elated.”
He smiled a little when Eoal nodded her head, “Good.” He then motioned towards the door, “I think she’s here..”

Sure enough there was a knock on the back door. It was now or never.

lunaticfangs said:

Although he’s admittedly still a little frightened of Seluna’s werewolf form, Larry thinks that Seluna is a very sweet person and possibly needs a little protecting. He’s often entranced by her unusual eyes, and thinks that they’re definitely her best feature; he can get so lost in them sometimes that he totally forgets what he’s doing.

lunaticfangs said:

♔ ♔

~ Hattie would love to be as strong, outgoing and resourceful as Seluna

~ Hattie has to physically stop herself making dog or puppy related comments and nicknames around Seluna because she knows it upsets her, despite the concept of Seluna as a big puppy being the most adorable thing Hattie can imagine.

| Follow the wolves

[ As Boris was getting his flare gun reloaded, his phone vibrated much to his surprise. Surely it couldn’t be Crimson as he had left his phone behind. Maybe it was Red already warning that he was making his way to the forest? Perhaps.

To his surprise, it wasn’t a message from the engineer but from Seluna, tapping at the touch screen twice to open the message. With a click of the gun being shut after reloaded, his blue eyes widened when they read the word blood. What was it with people getting hurt recently? The alien had to go help her. 

Much to his fortune, she seemed to be in the same location as Red and him had been yesterday so, after handing over a communication device to the blond, Boris wasted absolutely no time in parting ways from the other. He just hoped that the engineer would be fine without him and would reach him if anything happened instead of going head first into trouble. ]

Wolfie! Where are you?