I tend to spend time with my family, but sometimes even I do need a bit of solitude. Time to think and work through what occupies my mind, I suppose.

I like to travel until I’ve found a place that suits me. I observe the world around me and look at the presents the children have left me. It feels good to know that one is cherished and that one has a place in the world even though it’s not always marked with a runestone or a sigil etched into wood.

Also, I hope that you will feel better soon. Achieving a sense of happiness isn’t always easy. Take your time.

duchessblack said:

Boss bitch omega Hannibal is my life's blood! I would love to hear your (filthy) thoughts on it. One of my personal faves is Hanni calling Will 'Puppy' when he's done something very pleasing and Will spending the rest the day being very excited and very aroused because he knows he's getting some tonight.

  • Hannibal soaking in a bath of cold water during his heat, Will curled around him, his fingers buried inside of Hannibal
  • Hannibal leaving deep bite marks on Will’s neck
  • Will being possessive of Hannibal
  • Hannibal making Will knot and cum all over himself
  • Will knotting inside Hannibal’s mouth
  • Hannibal sniffing Will’s clothes when Will is away on a case
  • Will has only ever knotted three times in his life, two were when he was younger and alone
  • Will never having experienced a rut
  • Hannibal has absolute control over himself and can suppress his heats
  • Will finds Hannibal’s unique scent calming
  • Hannibal unable to stop thinking about Will and it’s him that decides to seduce Will
  • Will being distracted in class from the lingering scent of Hannibal on his clothes
  • Hannibal indulging himself in the old fashioned stereotype of an omega taking care of his alpha by cooking Will lunches to take with him to work, enjoying Will’s gratitude and appreciation 
  • Often Will will make Hannibal dinner, old dishes his aunt’s and father had taught him, wanting to prove he would be a good provider for Hannibal, an ingrained urge that Hannibal finds amusing
  • The first time they have sex, Will’s overwhelming scent and the sensations of touching him and being touched by him, pushes Hannibal into an early heat
  • During his heats Hannibal slips into other languages without knowing, usually French, and Will dusts off his old Cajun French to whisper sweet nothings into Hannibal’s ear
  • Will eating Hannibal out, licking up every bit of slick he can get his tongue on
  • Hannibal grinding on Will’s face
  • Hannibal telling Will exactly how he likes to be touched, and Will surprising him by finding new and wonderfully sensitive places
  • Hannibal has a dominating presence and a strong build that confuses people into thinking he’s an alpha
  • Hannibal never hides his scent, and is completely open about being one of the few male omegas
  • Hannibal loves to fuck Will, having his alpha ride him
  • Hannibal enjoys making Will wait to orgasm, only letting him do so when Will starts whining and can’t control himself any longer
  • Hannibal loves to see Will be aggressive, if only during sex, because for the most part Will likes to make himself appear small and non threatening to the outside world
  • Jack orders Will to go home and shower when he comes into the BAU drenched in the smell of a horny omega
  • Will so damn in love, just the faintest hint of Hannibal makes him weak in the knees
  • Hannibal likes spending the late evening sitting by the fire, Will by his feet and laying his head on Hannibal’s lap, Hannibal threading his fingers through Will’s hair
  • Hannibal telling Will to go home and wait for him there, knowing that Will will do exactly what he says
  • Hannibal beating down the strong alpha Tobias, Will taking over and bandaging him up unwilling to let anyone else lay their hands on Hannibal
  • P O S S E S S I V E  W I L L
Today's Words

“My, my, you have been eating your string beans, haven’t you, Stevie?” she whispered, and Steve felt his eyes fill with tears.

“You always told me they’d make me big and strong,” he whispered, and then threw himself forwards into her welcoming arms. “Ma.”

“You’re so big,” she mumbled against his shoulder, before pushing him back to hold at arms length for scrutinization. “My precious little boy, all grown up.”

“You’re… I know it must be confusing,” he replied, batting at his damp eyes quickly. “It’s… complicated. You’re in the future, Ma.”

“Of course I am,” she sighed, as though it were obvious. “I see a bright light like something straight out of one of Stevie’s – your – comic books, and then I wake up to my boy all grown up. Of course this is the future, Steven; I’m not stupid.”

All over again, Steve had to hold back tears. He had missed his Ma’s whirlwind personality and fierce intelligence.

“The more pressing matter,” she continued, taking his hand and holding it up so his wedding ring glistened, “is when you were going to tell me about this?”

Adoption!verse future fic and Bae's "Real Mom"

Tri-sarah-top-saurus said: Teenage Bae has to tell his parents that he got Emma pregnant? Belle is distraught that she has failed as a mother and doesn’t react very well? Obviously everyone is very emotional and Bae lashes out…???

This is part one of probably 3 on this particular installment, because no way I was going to be able to addresss ALL of the issues here in one little fic.  So keep your eyes peeled!

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