Body Image

It is what we make it. We feel how we let ourselves feel. If we do not appreciate what we are, what we have, then no one will. Our person is an important aspect to our life. No good feelings towards yourself will lead you to a path of self-destruction. You have worth, you are beautiful, and you are you. No one else is you. No one else can love you like you love you. So love yourself. Love. Live. Laugh. Enjoy who you are. Enjoy yourself. Inspire yourself. You are your #1 fan. You are the best inspiration. Strive to be yourself.

I believe in me

What I need most in this journey is a strong support system. It’s the one thing I’ve been lacking all along. I have a lot of negative Nancy’s and zero supporters. The hardest part of going through a weightloss transformation is going through it all alone or along with toxic criticism the whole way.

Well I know that I can do this. I believe in me even when no one else does. I can do this. I deserve this. I will triumph. I am awesome.


Thanks to weight-a-second for her selfpo inspiration I wanted to do the same. Reminding myself who I was and what I am capable of…

Time to be honest…I’m back at my start weight of 240…I’ve developed a sedentary lifestyle with lots of binge eating…

I can do this…I’ve done it before I can do it again!!! Time to try harder and make as many healthy choices as possible!!!!

Feel free to message me if you want to encourage me or need some encouragement yourself!!!


Here is some of my trainers and clients showing how different exercises you can use for your Leg Workouts and really tone up. 

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Our view from our beautiful dream gym.

How is your fitness Progress coming along? Any questions?

I want to hear some success stories of what is going right, what you have done right, motivational quote you heard, a new tool you are using to help reach your goals, and of course if you guys have any questions that I can help with. :)

It is ok to be yourself, you don’t have to try and be someone else, but be sure to be your best self because you deserve it and because you can.
—  Greg Marshall

How to grocery shop for fitness. I try to keep things basic and simple because I think that is how we learn. Enjoy :)


P.s. You guys are AWESOME!


My video answering the question should you do strength training or cardio first.

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Pilates: Losing weight and Toning up


Yes that is me in the pictures above :)

  Pilates is a great tool to increase your core strength, body awareness, and can also help with your focus and body control. 

In my experiences Pilates has helped with allowing me to work muscles that I normally would not work running and lifting weights. It is a different workout that requires your body to rely on your core to do most of the movements and have your larger muscle groups work as secondary movers. 

This is much different than lifting weights or running on a treadmill because it requires your body to move in angles that you normally wouldn’t. The key benefits to this are that it gives you a longer leaner look and can increase your flexibility and range of motion. 

For those of you who may be wondering how this can help you, it helps with toning your stomach as you are losing weight so once you drop the weight and body fat , you will have a stomach that you are proud to show off. 

Pilates will help to build muscle in a more balanced way to avoid injury and since you are working muscles that you normally don’t work, it will give you a much better opportunity to lean  up and wear those clothes that you really want to wear. 

There are six pilates principles and they are Centering, Control, Flow, Breath, Precision, and Concentration.

Use these principles to give you an advantage in your workout program and help reduce stress.

And you know my philosophy on stress, less stress equals a leaner more toned body. 

Are you guys currently using Pilates to help you in your fitness journey? If so, how and what benefits are you receiving?


Sleep, Water, and Stress and how it affects Weight Loss. 


How to tone up inner thighs and lower abs. :) What are your questions?


This is a video that I think is something that must be talked about and it is about our self image/body image and how the media manipulates us all on how we should look and feel and purposely makes us feel negative about ourselves in order to get into our pockets. I personally hate it and disagree with the methods and want to encourage you to ignore the media message on it. What are your guys thoughts on the media brainwashing and has it ever affected you?

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