Soo, I got tagged, too :)

And I’d like to say a few words about the pictures :)

The first one was taken when I finally was able to visit my best friend at her new home. She moved around a year ago and because of the university and everything it took quite a while until I finally got the time to come over to her. We had had an awesome weekend and I fell in love with that beanie so I just had to get it. (October 2013)

The second one is the day after my longtime relationship finally was ended. Like, the day after both of us realized that we just don’t fit together even though we loved each other. We’ve had quite a hard time the weeks and months before, and I cried so much. But when we finally ended it, it was kinda… a relief? I don’t know how to describe it, I was just reliefed that we finally made a decision that would last forever. This picture was taken in May this year.

The third one is just me celebrating Manuel Neuer a few hours before Germany won the worldcup :D (yep, totally sexy, I know :D)

The one with the whiskers was carnival in my hometown, it was just a few days after I decided to let my hair grow and noooot cut it short again. I’m still glad I chose this way! (February this year)

I don’t need to say anything to the second last pic, I just like it and it’s just like three weeks old or so.

The last one is my fav pic right now because my hair looks so light and long and awww… I know how I want to have it but it sucks that it takes so long to grow >.<” Still waiting ‘cause I know where I want to go!

I’ve been quite busy the past days/weeks so I’m not aware who has been tagged and who hasn’t, so I’m just saying sorry for if I tag someone again ._.”
I’d love to have pictures from you, in which you like yourself:
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I hope you all have a wonderful sunday xx