Things I constantly remind myself about.

>I don’t actually know what this person is thinking.
>It doesn’t matter what this person thinks about me.
>This emotion will pass.
>Things are never as bad as I make them in my head.
>I have plenty of talents.
>I am beautiful, intelligent, and strong.
>I’ve survived a lot of shit.
>If I keep going, I will be proud of myself in five years.

Talking to yourself also known as self-talk can be used to enhance task performance. There are two types of self talk: Instructional self-talk, for example, takes place when a person encourages themselves by muttering technical instruction to aid during the task at hand. For example, “step 1 I must first left my elbow, step 2 I must do such and such.”  On the other hand, motivational self-talk is more often used during endurance- and strength-related exercises. For example, “I can do this,” “This just takes practice.” 

Many studies (such as this one here) support that self talk can be used as mental guides to direct our behaviors and thoughts towards a certain goal. Often times when we work on a new or confusing task, by uttering what we have to do, it helps guide our behaviors. However, some people argue that self talk is abnormal and may be indicative of mental problems. 

What are your thoughts?

The Positivity Self-Talk

You could read this list to yourself 3-4 times a day for a week or more to help reprogram your mind to think more positively. (Taken from the book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter)   

*I am in control of my own thinking & I think only those thoughts which create & fulfill the best in me.

*My mind is constantly in tune with the positive. It is bright, cheerful, enthusiastic, & full of good, positive thoughts & ideas.

*I am able to relax easily and comfortably in my body & in my mind. I am calm, confident, & self-assured.

*My mind is orderly & well-organized. I consciously choose what I think & I choose those thoughts which are the most positive & beneficial for me.

*All of my thoughts create healthiness within me.

*My mind dwells only on those thoughts which create more harmony, balance, & well-being within me & in the world around me.

*I automatically, & always, think in a decisive & determined way.

*I am full of resolution & the absolute assurance of the best possible outcome in everything that I do.

*I choose to look at the world around me in the bright, healthy light of optimism & self-assurance.

*I do only those things which are best for me. I create the best within myself, I attract the best in others, & I find the best in the world around me.

*I keep my mind focused on healthy, positive, constructive, & productive thoughts.

*I control the thoughts I choose.

I like coming up with more positive terms for things that trigger me

I am not eating calories, I’m eating bundles of energy

I don’t have cellulite, I have valleys on my legs

I’m not fat, I’m just kind of squishy (Squishy brings to mind Finding Nemo)

I don’t have stretch marks, I have tiger stripes

See? It just sounds better that way

Whenever you have those
thoughts of doubt that seem
to overpower your entire mind,
ignore those thoughts by
listening to the other voice
in your head that says,

‘I can do this. I know I can.
I know I can do this because
I can do whatever I set
my mind to. I really can.
I believe in myself. I believe
in myself. I believe in myself.
I am more than enough &
it’s time that I know it,’

until this voice overpowers the
voice of doubt. Give power to
yourself by paying attention to
the voice that will empower
you. Empower yourself.

—  l.i.u.

TW: Cutting, self harm,
(I looked for this on tumblr, did not find it)
Anon ask on a tumblr

Ask: I hate my body.  I’ve got my blades, what do I do now?

Answer: Take them and go into your bathroom, and take all of your clothes off.  Then stand up and look in the mirror.  Just look for a second, even if you hate what you see.  Then imagine your body covered in scars, gashes, cuts and bruises.  Imagine yourself months from now hiding your body, apologizing while you hurry to push your sleeves down when they slide up in class.  Now back to normal, which one do you prefer?  Exactly.  Put down the razor.  Put your clothes back on.  leave the bathroom.  Call your best friend, your significant other, tell them you love them.  Don’t ever touch that fucking razor again.

The Limitless Self Talk

If you would like to help reprogram your mind to it’s full potential, knowing that anything is possible, and it’s only our limiting beliefs that ever makes things “impossible”, then read this list to yourself 3-4 times a day for a week or more. (Taken from the book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter)  

*I know that what I believe about myself is what I will become - so I believe in the best for myself.

*I open myself up to the broad horizons of limitless possibility.

*I truly believe that anything is possible.

*I have drive, spirit, stamina, & endurance.

*Right now, today, this very moment, I am capable of giving myself the gift of absolute self-assurance, self-belief, & powerful infinite confidence in myself.

*Today is a great day. I choose to live today with joy & love.

*I set my sights & I got for it! I know that the world is full of limitless opportunities. Look at what I can do; look at where I can go! Look at what I can do just by saying “Yes!” to myself!

*Just look at what I can do today! I am incredible & today is a great day to show it!