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haven’t been feeling well enough to take many pictures or selfies. but here I am, fighting everyday with body image and self love. you are all beautiful in your own way, I promise. and at least to me, inner beauty will always overpower physical appearance.
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Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.
—  Mark Victor Hansen

Never question your self worth, ever.

You are unique perfection. You are one of a kind. You are rare. You are a damn force to be reckoned with. You are strong, powerful, and a fighter.

You are exactly how you’re meant to be.

Be proud of who you are, and know that you are worth everything in the world, and more.

At some point enough will be enough. At some point you are going to crack. You are tired of always feeling angry. You are tired of never getting ahead. You are tired of always being sad. You are tired of always being frustrated. When will this end? When will life finally shift towards always attracting what you want all the time? Enough is enough. Enough with the anger, sadness and frustration. Enough with beating yourself up. Enough is enough. Now it’s time to stop.

What if you decided to let go of all this? What if you decided to let go of controlling and micromanaging your life? What if you decided to say screw it? What if you decided to try something else? 

Obviously the anger and frustration are getting you nowhere you want to be. You still get upset over trivial things and you continue to create that which you do not want. Your bank account continues to become more negative and your mom continues with her controlling and disappointment of you.  You continue the same routines: you try to get happy, you try to find joy, you try to drown yourself in LOA related material, but then shit hits the fan and you’re back to square one. You just got three more overdraft fees and your mom is once again telling you how much she disapproves of your life – which is your life, not hers.  So then you get angry and frustrated and stew. Then you try again, try with the gratitude work, try with the improving yourself, get super freaking happy for one day then shit hits the fan again, and again, and again. 

When is enough enough? 

Are you ready to try something new? Something so radical you just cannot believe it will work. So far your whole life you have needed to control every single little detail of your life. What if you stopped? What if you gave it all up to the universe? What if you just let go? What if you just freaking finally let go and let the universe do the work? God/Universe/Source – it’s your turn. I hand over my life to you. I am just going to lie in the grass right now and feel good. I am going to Starbucks, buy a coffee, and sit outside and enjoy it. I’m going to read this book, watch this TV show, go to the mall and I’m GOING TO FEEL GOOD. You do the rest. You take care of the bills, you find me extra money to cover my account being negative, you take care of my mother, you take care of these mean friends I have, you take care of this crappy relationship I have, you take care of all that is going wrong in my life right now. I’m done micromanaging. It hasn’t worked so far. It has not worked for 10, 20, 30, 60 years. I’m ready to try something new. I now appoint you in charge of my life. 

You just want to feel good. You just want to feel good right now, later and tomorrow. You just want to feel good all the time. You want to always see the positives and you always want to feel good no matter what the circumstances are. Enough is enough of the negativity and the struggle and strife. Enough is enough. 

Don’t care about your mom treating you this way. Don’t care that you have absolutely no money. Don’t care that your coworkers are backstabbing each other. Don’t care that you are single and cannot find a mate. Don’t care about the negative feelings associated with all of that. Don’t care to see the “lack” of money, “lack” of love or the “lack” of anything else. You ONLY care from now on about your feelings. You only care about YOU. You care about people, animals, plants and their well-being - however, don’t care about the negative feelings you feel caused by the perception of lack. Don’t care anymore. Don’t care what people think of you. Don’t care how people live their own lives.

Enough is enough.

Care only about your life. Care only about feeling good. Total and complete surrender.  Total and complete trust. Total and complete faith. 

Lose the anger, lose the frustration, lose the sadness, lose the fear, lose the guilt, and lose the shame. Take control of your life. This is your life. You are the creator of your own life – no one else. You are responsible. You have free will. You can now take charge.

There are a lot of “don’t”s above, so decide what you DO want. The way to do this is to love. Love yourself enough to want this bliss. Love yourself enough to let go of all negativity. Love yourself enough to say no. Love yourself enough to say yes to you. Love everything and everyone to death. 

The ego wants to hold on; it stays alive with the drama and the suffering. It feeds off negativity and strife.  It loves fear. The ego loves a pity party. The ego loves to feel so freaking bad that it feels so good. The ego loves to be stubborn. The ego loves to win at the contest “I can be more miserable than anyone else in this whole entire world”. 

When is enough enough? When it is time to try something new? 

In order to change, you must love the ego to death. Appreciate all that it has done for you. Be grateful for it keeping you safe in the only way it knew how. Love yourself more. That is the only answer. Love yourself fully and completely. Find just one little thing everyday that you love. Love it to death. Feel the love grow within you. Now spread this to other things you love. Spread this to yourself. Feel the love and feel the great feelings. Feel your confidence building. Enough is finally enough. When you love yourself, your whole world changes.

Life should be a risk. It’s more than a straight line that you can see clearly from one point to the other. It dips and curves and you never know what’s around the bend sometimes until you get there. That scares a lot of people. But that’s the beauty of it.
—  Katie Kacvinsky, First Comes Love

“Today I just don’t feel motivated.”, “I feel too emotional to work on my recovery goals today.”, “I just feel today is not a good day to take action.” Recovery is hard work. It’s all about showing up every day, no matter how you feel. You don’t just show up when you are motivated or feeling courageous. You have to get up every day and show up every day. Just like going to work or school. You can’t say “Hey I don’t feel like going today.”. There is no ‘escape’ button warrior. Keep going! Remember the four keys to unlocking the warrior mindset: Commitment, Compassion, Courage, and Connection!

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