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Hey, this question is a bit odd, but how does one keep up with their physical appearance and maintain good person hygiene? I'm going on college visits lately and I want to look my best so I don't put out a bad image of myself. Thanks!

I’m glad I found this ask again; I keep thinking about it. I never expected anyone would ask us what good hygiene was, but here we go.

Good hygiene is (but is not limited to)…

  • Wearing clean clothes
  • Showering/bathing regularly
  • Brushing your teeth (add mouthwash if necessary)
  • Washing your hair as often as you need to (for some people it’s daily, for others it’s once a week. Everyone is different & there’s no rule here.)
  • Washing your hands after using the bathroom and before/after dealing with food
  • Avoid body odor (mostly handled by showering, but wear deodorant if you need it)
  • Wash your face at least once daily

Just get into a regular routine in the morning and at night before bed and you will be fine.

10 underrated self care things to do -

  1. tidy up your bedroom.
  2. change your whole outfit - underwear, shoes, hairstyle, the lot.
  3. scribble with a crayon as hard as you can on a big sheet of paper.
  4. go to a library and wander around in the quiet.
  5. make a wishlist on each of your favourite shops’ websites.
  6. go to sleep as early as you can bear.
  7. play the “would you rather?” game with a friend.
  8. talk to your siblings, see what theyre up to.
  9. sit down and study for a bit, then see how you feel.
  10. open a window, sit next to it.

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I grew up with very neglectful parents. I rarely went to school, I ate terribly, I was not hygienic, I basically learned almost no life skills. Now I'm trying to get myself together but I don't really know how. Can you help me?

Hi there love :) thank you for messaging us for advice, my name is Shelby and I’m going to help you out today. :)

I’m sorry that you had to go though hard times with neglectful parents, I have a very close friend that is in a similar situation like this. The advice I have for you is the following:

Self Care



Skin Care

Cleansing the body

Hair care

Hand care

Foot care

Oral Care


Once you’ve looked over those links the next set of advice I have for you is some advice on how you can get back on track with not only your self care but life in general.

For starters, I’m not sure how old you are, but I would highly suggest getting into some therapy to help vent and get more help/support about this whole situation.

Then, I’d suggest possibly looking to those around you for some extra help. If you have siblings, look to them and ask them for some help. If you don’t have siblings, then look to your community and see if anyone is willing to help you out with supplying you with basic needs.

Next, I would suggest looking deep in yourself. Often times when children are neglected my their parents, they sort of have to learn things on their own for example what is a healthy meal to eat. & that’s not always easy. I think that you should think about things you did when you were younger and see if any of those decisions made an impact on your life (positive or negative.) & look to changes :)

Keep me updated?

Lots of love,

—Shelby. (:

The non-intelligent box said… 173 this morning. I’ve lost one more pound this week! I have lost 81 pounds since August 1, 2014. I am happy and grateful! Xoxo

Selfie Sunday in my pyjamas. Today was a rough night and I’ve been having a lot of pain during the day. Thankfully I had doctor’s order to stay home this weekend instead of working and that has allowed me to rest and take care of me. This weekend has been all about resting, watching my shows and eating comfort food. And I’m not even sorry.

Self Care

I keep seeing posts about what self care is and isn’t, and I’d like to weigh in a little (no hate please).

Self care is different for every person. For some, it may be forcing themselves to get out of bed, to shower, eat, take medication, go to school/work.

For some, it may be taking a hot bath, rubbing lotion on sore muscles, watching a funny movie to raise their spirits, putting on cute underwear and taking selfies.

For others, maybe its screaming into a pillow to relieve frustration, using a punching bag, journaling or going for a run.

The point is, everyone is different, everyone’s self care is different, and we need to support each other rather than pulling each other down for coping differently.

Dear Self
  • You may never think you are good enough
  • You may never think you have done enough
  • You may never think you have given enough
  • You may never accept yourself, or parts of yourself

So realize that the people who love you, who are always telling you how much they care and all the good things about yourself, are not lying. Furthermore, ACCEPT that they are not lying, and have the humility to admit that your vision of yourself is perpetually skewed. Broken. Shattered. Swallow your pride and let the people who care most about you build you up, because to yourself you will never be good enough. But to them, you may just be.