A self-described history nerd, Mike Davis is a San Francisco-based artist who paints scenes stuck in another time. His detailed oil paintings are rife with personal symbolism and minuscule narratives, evoking Renaissance painters such as Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Aertsen. Though he emulates the Northern Renaissance masters, Davis is entirely self-taught. He forayed into painting in his early twenties as an off-shoot of his tattoo career. The founding owner of esteemed San Francisco shop Everlasting Tattoo, Davis currently splits his time between his craft and his fine art, using his paintings as a cathartic processing tool to digest the events of his personal life. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

Hi Guys,

my name is Andi and I`m a photo- and videographer located in the city of Heidelberg, Germany. 

Since four years I have been a self-taught Photographer and an enthusiastic autodidact. I filmed stuff for my whole youth but got passionate about editing and filmmaking three years ago. My commissional work is mostly architecture and interiour photography, allthough my private interest is conceptual art photography. My private projects are a mixture of portrait, travel, street/cityscape and studio artwork in different fields. I also shoot imagefilms, but my private videoprojects are more like a mixture of music- and SOC-videos.

If you are interested in my work have a look at the links below and feel free to contact me directly: mario.3@gmx.de

Thank you for looking at my work.






kokoruchan said:

A recent post mentioned the steps involved in getting an interview - the first being getting past HR. What if you're self taught? If you have relevant skills and some samples of work, but your degree is NOT in computer science? What's the likelihood that your resume will make it past HR?

More than anything, when HR looks at a resume they are looking for certain key words. To get your resume past HR, you’ll need to showcase the specific keywords they’re looking for in your resume. Here are some sample keywords and phrases they will usually look for (for an engineer):



  • C/C++/C#
  • Object-Oriented
  • Engine
  • Data-driven
  • Assets
  • Algorithms



  • Gameplay / Gameplay Systems
  • AI / Artificial Intelligence
  • Pathfinding
  • Combat
  • Scripting
  • Worked with Designer/Artist
  • Animation



  • Rendering/Renderer
  • Optimization/Optimize
  • Driver
  • Shader
  • Lighting

There are other keywords for other specializations, like tools, network, build, etc. as well.  The important thing to remember is that these keywords will only get you past the first gatekeeper. Even if your resume gets passed from HR to the hiring manager, you still need to demonstrate enough skill to use the terms correctly to describe your work and experience in a sentence or two to an expert - someone who will have the context and experience to understand the work you did.


Remember - when we are hiring, we won’t just accept the first person to meet some minimum cutoff criteria. We’ll try to gather a pool of qualified candidates and then choose the best-looking candidate from that pool. Even in the case of the perfect candidate, the deliberation process can take weeks or even stretch to months because it’s an incredibly expensive mistake to rectify if we hire the wrong person.

If you want to work for us, you need to make yourself look the best relative to everyone else in the pool. You need to make yourself the most appealing candidate you can. Otherwise making it past HR won’t mean anything - the hiring manager has ultimate veto and will just toss the resume into the goat feeder. You must absolutely be ready and able to talk in depth about each and every thing you describe on your resume/CV, or else the hiring manager’s BS detection alarm will go off and you’ll find your resume fed to the goat. 


Meet the Bionicle Art Squad Artists: Ferain
"Heya! I’m Corvin, 24, from Germany. You may known me as Ferain or Vezok’s Friend from other Art- or Bionicle-related websites. I’m a self-taught concept artist/illustrator with a B.Sc.Game Design and also a huge Bionicle fan since day one. I feel most at home designing robots, mechs and vehicles, but I am trying to branch out more. I’m also an avid Lego builder, I enjoy writing, playing my trumpet and drums and am a bit of a globetrotter when time permits it. My favourite characters are Kopaka and Lhikan."

sneakymedulla said:

how long have you been doing art? are you self-taught, did you take training, or a little bit of both? c:

Hmm… I don’t wanna say I’ve been doing art FOREVER, but I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember @w@

I remember drawing Powerpuff Girls when I was really little, if that’s any indication~


I wanna say I’m a mixture of both, when it comes to being self-taught, and trained. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the help of my friends, and quite a few art teachers! Hell, I’m going the Art Institute (expensive as it is— I’m going to be opening commissions soon to help), and that has helped me more than I could imagine. 

People believing in me, liking my art, talking with me, sharing their processes and whatnot have really helped me out. I used to do collabs with people, as it really let me see how other people work and plan things out. (I would like to do some again, if I can be honest)

Really, though, I’m still learning. I don’t think anyone really stops learning, growing, getting better and wiser. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wanted to give up A LOT. A LOT. But I found when I keep pushing myself I come out better than ever. Huehue. I could show you some of the art from when I first started doing Transformers stuff.(I don’t have any of my original stuff from 2010… I ended up getting, well, rid of it)

Then (feb/mar 2013)


Now (sep 2014)




neonwonder (aka Melanie McKay) is this week’s Artistry feature on She-Explores.com.  

Melanie is a self-taught photographer living on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  She spends her free time hiking and camping - and it shows!  Her work is simultaneously ethereal and down to earth, letting you exercise your senses through sight.

Click here to see more photos and read more about her photographic process.

Photos above by neonwonder

anonymous said:

YOU OPENED ANON ASKS YES THANK YOU *ahem* hello there. I wanted to tell you that your art is amazing, I've been praying for you, and that I really hope you publish Gentlemantown someday. Theo makes me happy. And Cliff. And that guy on the bus who didn't say anything. He seemed cool. Also, I wanted you to know: I am a mostly self-taught artist, and I study your work to improve myself. That tutorial you posted recently on your drawing process was a huge help. Thanks. So, um, have a lovely day.^_^

Oh my goodness who is this??? Do I know you?? You are so sweet!! Thank you so much! Keep drawing!

Toronto-based artist e Jazzberry Blue created this series of abstract maps portraying the world’s most famous cities: Los Angeles, London, Milan, and more. The self-taught traveling artist uses a combination of bold color palettes and geometric figures to give each map an abstract flare of its own.
From the organized city blocks of New York, to the chaotic streets of London, every print perfectly captures the essence each city.

Adrien Joseph Heymans, Lower Scheldt (1875)

in Dendermonde town hall.

Adriaan Jozef Heymans (or Adrien-Joseph Heymans; 11 June 1839, Antwerp - December 1921, Brussels) was a Belgian impressionist landscape painter.

His father was a trader in window-glass, who died when Heymans was only seven. Afterward, he was partly raised by his uncle, the mayor of Wechelderzande, a small village near Antwerp, where he first learned to appreciate nature.

In 1853, he entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp), where he studied under Jacob Jacobs, later attending the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, but he always considered himself to be essentially self-taught. During a stay in Paris from 1855 to 1858, he was strongly influenced by the Barbizon School. By the time of the Brussels Salon in 1860, he was turning toward impressionism.

He soon returned to Wechelderzande and began painting plein air, both there and in the vicinity of Kalmthout. Many other painters came to the Kempen area seeking inspiration; often living in tent camps and waiting for the desired lighting effects. Together with Isidore Meyers (1836-1917), Théodore Baron, Jacques Rosseels (1828-1912) and Florent Crabeels (1835-1896), he helped found what was known as the “Kalmthoutse School” of painting, also known as the “Grey School” because of their preference for grey and silvery shades. He is also considered to be a member of the “Dendermondse School” and the “Genkse School”, because he was active in those areas.

In 1869, he married and settled in Brussels, where he was a c0-founder of the Société Libre des Beaux-Arts and several artists’ associations. In 1881, he became an officer in the Order of Leopold and was named a Knight in the French Legion of Honor.

Sometime in the 1890s, he returned to Kalmthout and his style slowly evolved into a form of realism with occasional touches of pointillism to accentuate the colors. By 1913, his health had deteriorated so much that he was forced to give up painting.


If you are smart, and you want it bad enough, you can learn to do anything.

These incredibly creepy transformations feature Stephanie Fernandez in makeup she’s applied herself. The work is amazing, but even more so when you realize she’s just 18 years old and is self-taught. She’s a freelance makeup artist for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood snapped her up someday.
Read more at http://fashionablygeek.com/costumes/horror-makeup-transformations-you-cant-unsee/#5s5MH8RL7vxT8VuD.99

Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen (1986) “is a self-taught artist whose creative production revolves around classic figurative painting, presented in a contemporary manner. Henrik explores the dark sides of life, nihilism, existentialism, longing and loneliness, juxtaposed with fragile beauty. The atmosphere in his subject matter is often presented in a dream or limbo-like state, with elements of surrealism. His focus on atmospheres rather than narratives and realism leaves his painting open for many interpretations.”

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