• Dragon Traditions
  • Performed by Wild Card
  • Originally by Selektive-Erinnerung

(( I wanted to voice a comic, since all my other VA friends are doing it. I did this real quick-like, but it was a lot of fun! ))

(( Credit for the comic goes to : ))

(( Music is credited to : ))

(( I do not represent the original creator of the comic. I have done the voice-over of it only as a tribute. ))


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Braumeister Selekt IPB - Gordon Biersch Brewing, San Jose, CA - 6.5%

The bottle describes it as an “Intensely Hopped Robust Pilsner” - Intensely hopped kind of defeats the purpose of a pilsner doesn’t it? It is like it wants to be a cross between pilsner and IPA and becomes… well, neither.

Untappd check-in

Kate Jean and Selekt @ The Library, 26.02.11


I had mixed emotions that night, but one thing was clear. Beyond the turntables, out to the dance floor and bar, was a plethora of unsightly, err…People. I know, I’m not the shit either, but I like to think that I do alright in a few respects (feel free to tell me I suck ;P).

But hey, lack of swag beyond deck aside, you can always trust a couple of amazing dj’s to look mighty fine and to drop some sick tracks that make you wanna take your clothes off and dance. No really, it was like a fuckin’ sauna up in that joint. You’d wanna take your clothes off too if you were sweating like we were. Serious about the dope sets by Kate Jean and Selekt though ;)

And thus, I left covered in semi-dry sweat, Kate Jean’s glitter, and a head slightly spinning from tequila and vodka.

Here’s a few snapshots from the night. Red carpet V.I.P, in the clurrrb. Just take a look at Selekt and I (above). Believe it!.

(Selekt, I’m laughing out loud homie, haha).

And just one more thing. Show Selekt and Kate Jean some love, will you?.

Follow the man. 
Follow the woman.


Love P,

The F*ck Police


Muramasa - Paris (intro)
Mr. Carmack - Birth Control
Jackal - Shakedown (LOUDPVCK Remix)
Pyramid Juke - Bird Call
Muramasa x Baltic - Fade
Wiwek - Magua
OL & ¥oin - You’ll Never Know
Flume - Insane (Astronomar Remix)
Wax Motif & Neoteric - Go Deep (Astronomar Remix)
DJ Fade - Money On The Floor
Kanye West - Send It Up (THUGLI Remix)
Funtcase - Out for da Milli
RL Grime - Heard Me x Yellow Claw - 21 Bad Bitches (SCAVENGE Edit)
eloq - cmon
Lambo - Ass Everywhere
Lambo - Ass Everywhere (Astronomar Untrapped Edit)
OL & ¥oin - Sink (Slick Shoota Remix)
Zeds Dead - Playa (SCAVENGE Bootleg)
Keys N Krates - Dum Dee Dum
Hudson Mohawke - Cbat (Slick Shoota Edit)
Boaz van de Beatz - Breakoe
Lucid - On & On x Gucci Mane - Pillz (SCAVENGE Edit) 
Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look)
Deebs - Fillet
Cashmere Cat - Aurora

[NEWS] {@StatikSelekt} - #PopulationControl OFFICIAL TRACK LISTING

Statik Selektah’s Album ‘Population Control’ is available to order —> ..The 20-Track LP produced entirely by Selektah himself has a wide variety of all star artists featuring all original records by Big K.R.I.T., Bun B, Talib Kweli, Chris Webby, Mac Miller, Dom Kennedy, Pill, LeCrae, Joell Ortiz, Brother Ali, Freddie Gibbs, Sean Price, Styles P & more. The Album is Presented by Showoff / Duck Down Music.

Official Track Listing:

1. Population Control (feat. Sean Price & Termanology)

2. Play The Game (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Freddie Gibbs)

3. Groupie Love (feat. Mac Miller & Josh Xantus)

4. New York, New York (feat. Styles P, Saigon & Jared Evan)

5. Sam Jack (feat. XV, Jon Connor & The Kid Daytona)

6. Never a Dull Moment (feat. Action Bronson, Termanology, & Bun B)

7. You’re Gone (feat. Talib Kweli, Colin Munroe, & Lil Fame)

8. They Don’t Know (feat. Pill & Reks)

9. Down (Push! Montana & LEP Bogus Boys)

10. Let’s Build (feat. Chace Infinite, JFK, Mitchy Slick & Wais P)

11. Smoke On (feat. Dom Kennedy & Strong Arm Steady)

12. The High Life (feat. Kali, GameBoi & Chris Webby)

13. Half Moon (feat. Skyzoo, Chuuwee & Tayyib Ali)

14. Black Swan (feat. Nitty Scott MC & Rapsody)

15. Harlem Blues (feat. Smoke DZA)

16. Gold In 3D (feat. STS & Dosage)

17. Damn Right (feat. Joell Ortiz & Brother Ali)

18. Live & Let Live (feat. LeCrae)

19. A DJ Saved My Life (feat. DJ Premier, DJ Babu, Scram Jones & DJ Craze)

20. 4Gs (feat. Ea$y Money, Termanology, Scram Jones & Wais P)


Selekt - P-Money Canvas (Art is Awesome) (by Koti Puru)- Featuring Local Remedy & Seth Hamilton.


Double Lucky Country, Club 24.04.11 (Featuring Kate Jean & Selekt, KleanKicks, The F*ck Police)

Less is more, no?. Updates have been quite scarce as at the past month, I know. I do apologise. Unfortunately for the world, there is only one of me (TICKETS!…Haha). It has been a crazy month and a bit, with so much happening. I won’t digress any further, so I’ll get right on to it.

Easter Sunday 24th April, saw the first of many bangin’ parties that Kate Jean & Selekt are going to be bringing to you all, in ways that us Perth folk have never seen before (unless you’ve partied in Melbourne or somewhere of the like, of course).

I arrived (fashionably) late to a scene I’ve never witnessed at the establishment before. Sundays had never looked so good. It was (for lack of a better term) HECTIC. I heard through the grape vine that Double Lucky was FULL HOUSE before 10pm ;) Did you expect any less from le husband & wife duo!?. Don’t under estimate them, please.

It was, an amazing party!. Everyone was drinking and getting loose. The music was INSANE!. If you didn’t make it, then I’d advise that you come down on Friday 13th May and witness the beautiful mayhem that is Double Lucky Country Club. The F*ck Police will be there of course, so dress nice, come up to me and ask for a picture. I’d be more than happy to snap a sexy mug ;)

Please visit the Double Lucky Country Club Facebook page to get all the updates on upcoming events. You don’t want to miss any more. Here’s the few photos I had for the night, apologies it is lacking - but rest assured, the 13th May will be off the hook. Stay tuned.

Interested in earning $$ whilst partying?…Get in contact with the masterminds behind the name (see Facebook page for details):

More updates coming. Prepare for a bombardment of sorts. And please do not forget to follow The F*ck Police on facebook!. Show some support for the people keepin’ it real and low-fi. No wanky bullsh*t. Art is what I love most.

Love P,

The F*ck Police 

Existujú dve odlišné teórie.

V prvej človek zabúda na dôležité detaily, obecne platí, že zo zvyšujúcou sa snahou udržať si vy mysli dôležité detaily sa znižuje ich presnosť. Snaha býva tak veľká, že sa podvedome upravujú do ľahšie zapamätateľných jednoduchších celkov. Konvertovanie.

Druhá teória dáva väčší dôraz na prirodzenú selektívnu funkciu pamäte. Nevedomie automaticky selektuje myšlienky podľa ich aktuálneho emočného zafarbenia, na dôležité a nepodstatné. Ľudská pamäť je semi-permeabilná na udalosti. Traumatické udalosti pretrvávajú v pamäti najdlhšie, je to jediný mechanizmus, ktorým sa myseľ bráni vlastnej záhube. Tendencie súčasnej psychológie idú voči tejto mysli-vlastnej tendencii, snaha zabúdať vlastné zlyhania znamená kanalizáciu výsledného efektu: zopakovanie traumy, či už vedome alebo nie, v záujme organizmu neopakovať chyby. Emočne najviac vykreslené spomienky sú tie najviac traumatizujúce, nakoľko len vďaka nim sa umožní adaptácia na konkrétne prostredie.

V okamihu, keď sa jedinec snaží memorovať si jeden konkrétny okamih, ísť proti vlastnej emočnej intuícii, spomienka sa neustále prepisuje, zjednodušuje, až do úplne banálneho momentu, vopred odsúdeného na zánik.

  • b:kanka öndeki arabanın tekerleri yalpalıyo gibi ya napsak nası dicez
  • s:selektör yap
  • b:salak ya başka bişey anlarsa
  • s:sen yap
  • b:yaptım aha sağa çekiyo artık ne anladıysa asdfasdgh
  • s:kaç kaç

I find it rather amusing that, of all the photographs I have taken and posted to and - The Louis Vuitton shot has gained the most likes/re-blogs thus far.

Question: What does this say about my viewers?.

A) Louis Vuitton is still strong in popularity amongst “designer label” consumers

B) They are all Asian

C) The photo is actually awesome

Think about that one ;)

In the meantime, Happy Friday to one and all. I hope you all have a big weekend planned. I am officially on “Uni work” lock down as at Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm wst. Of course, I’ll be making my way out in the night. See you kids @ The Garden, Leederville tomorrow evening. Come say hi and hassle DJ Selekt and request a sh*tty song from the depths of terrible late ‘90’s pop just to annoy him. Later, make your way over to The Library in Northbridge and party with Kate Jean, DJ Selekt and The F*ck Police. You know what they say about our Saturdays, right?…#Standard !.

Love P,

The F*ck Police

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