I’m sick and tired of people giving me a hard time just because I run a selective rp blog. I don’t do it to be mean or elitist, and I am always gentle and polite about turning someone down. Yet it seems that no matter how nice I am about it, people will still find it appropriate to send me hatemail, guilt-trip me, and verbally bash me in public for being selective with who I rp with. We are not obligated to roleplay with everyone. If someone is uncomfortable rping with you, then you need to accept that without throwing a tantrum like an entitled little shit.

The inherent sexism and religious promotion involved within the Selective Service System along with the happy, smiling, yet unrelated images one the webpages, shows the United State’s deepest loves.

No Women: Where will they go?

Ministers Exempt: Someone needs to be able to brainwash the people.

Possible exemption due to moral reasons: These people seem christian enough, lets let them go.

Ugh, I want to leave this country.

Turned | Semi-Open

Days upon days had passed since it happened. The Doctor had had a run in with a nest of vamps, defeating all but a few. Whom in turn had turned him before escaping.

He didn’t want to live with what he had been turned into. No, he simply could not deal with what had happened. So, he hid himself away, staying away from any possible temptation. Starvation was simply the only way to live now. As he didn’t want to harm a single soul. Because he knew that if he did, he would most likely drink them dry.

When he could hear someone approaching, he began to smell the blood, oh how thirsty he was.

“Leave me alone..”